Beyond the Nail | Space Cadet with Gold Nail Art Decals

What I love most about nail polish are the incredibly creative indie brands that have emerged over the years with cutting-edge colours, textures and finishes unlike what you would find in any drugstore. One of my favourite Canadian indie brands is none other than Beyond the Nail! These are two amazing women and I have watched this company grow from 2012 into a force to be reckoned with! Today I have a swatch of Space Cadet which is a purple holographic, JELLY polish! Holojelly is a combination I don’t see very often, if it all, so I am so glad I own this bad boy!


beyond the nail space cadet

In natural light (with clouds)

beyond the nail space cadet

Application was pretty easy, but I may have pulled some of the polish off on my pinkie hence the bare patch. I think with a lot of holos you generally can’t have brush strokes that exert too much force or you’ll end up with bald patches everywhere! The crown decals are also from Beyond the Nail and I thought were the perfect compliment to such a regal purple polish.

If you haven’t purchased from Beyond the Nail just do it now. It’ll add so much joy to your life.

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