The Body Shop | Strawberry Body Sorbet

Just the very name of this product makes my mouth water. The Body Shop’s Strawberry Body Sorbet ($15.00) is just one of five deliciously-scented body moisturizers that have been perfect for summer weather especially when refrigerated! What makes these one of the most unique moisturizers I have ever tried is the texture which I’d probably eat if you showed it to me on a plate or paired with fruit. Made with 100% organic fair trade aloe vera from Guatemala, this body sorbet is light and quick to absorb into the skin.

body shop strawberry body sorbet

body shop strawberry body sorbet

You can see that the consistency of the body sorbet is almost frosty and really does look edible!

Final Verdict: Although these body sorbets promise 24H hydration (does ANYONE ever put those claims to the test?), I definitely needed more after 8 hours of sleep. The consistency is incredibly light and would be nice in the morning as you wouldn’t have your clothes sticking to you, but at night I would prefer a more hydrating body moisturizer.

The scent of this though is just so juicy and so edible! I must have Pink Grapefruit and Satsuma! The aloe vera makes this moisturizer cool to the touch and I can just imagine using this after a day in the sun and how refreshing it would feel!

The Body Shop Body Sorbets are available online and in-stores now!

PR sample sent for review.

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