Essence | LASH Mania Reloaded False Lash Mascara

It’s no secret that being Asian has given me some itty, bitty lashes. I am still not gifted in the false lash application department, so when it comes to a mascara I tend to prefer thicker lashes over length or volume. Essence LASH Mania False Lash Mascara promises to give lashes the “oomph” they need and has one of those flexible, bendy brushes that feels almost weightless in my hand.  

essence mascara

essence mascara2

The brush head has multiple rows of “spikes” all the way around the brush which allowed me to gain some extra curl as I could continuously rotate the brush from lash root to tip.



You can see that I got some slight lift once the mascara was on and no clumps whatsoever. The formula was very light and on the drier side.

Final Verdict: I certainly prefer a drier mascara formula as wetter formulas make my baby lashes very droopy and heavy-feeling. It didn’t give me the look of a thousand more lashes which left me a little sad, but I have always found that with mascaras, I can never seem to get everything I want all in one bottle. This is a mascara that I would use daily for my everyday eye look as it gives my eyes more definition and thickens my existing lashes. Wear-time was all day and because it is a drier formula, never leaves me with raccoon eyes. This mascara is also ophthalmologically-approved so if you have sensitive eyes, this is a wonderfully affordable mascara that won’t irritate your eyes. No, it wasn’t life-altering, but all in all, I actually quite like this mascara for the value and results I get!

PR sample sent for review.

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