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MAKEUP | Urban Decay Makeup Primer and Setting Sprays

When it comes to setting sprays, there are really only two that come to mind - MAC Fix+ and Urban Decay's All Nighter. Not only has Urban Decay spiffed up the packaging of this old favourite, but have recently added hydrating and nourishing primer sprays and two more makeup setting sprays!

Urban Decay Primer Makeup Setting Spray Review

In my earlier blogging days, I was introduced to the Skindinavia's The Makeup Primer Spray and loved it so much that to this day I still have back bottles. I loved how light their formulations felt on the skin, how finely it sprayed out onto my face and most importantly that they worked. When I received a sample of Urban Decay's All Nighter as part of a 500pt Sephora perk a few years ago, I was delighted to see that the All Nighter spray was actually developed in partnership with Skindinavia and these new ones are no different!

Urban Decay Primer Makeup Setting Spray Review

The All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray* (118mL/$39.00 CDN) is the best spray to start with if you are just looking for an all round spray that keeps makeup locked in place (for up to 16 hours!) and looking vibrant. This was what I used on my wedding day and it managed to keep my face where it should be from 7am to when the party ended that night!

The De-Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray* ($39.00 CDN) is serious business because if you want zero shine at the end of the day, this is the spray that will do it. I tested this out with a matte finish foundation and it was almost jarring to see that my face was still matte at the end of the day! It's hard to believe that a setting spray as shine deflecting as this one can still manage to feel so lightweight on the skin. Colour me impressed!

The Chill Cooling and Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray* ($39.00 CDN) was my favourite, not only because this spray actually chills the surface of your makeup to keep it looking perfect, but because it actually feels incredibly refreshing. This spray is for dry or combination skin types and gives skin a healthy, glowy complexion which is generally the look I prefer.

Urban Decay Primer Makeup Setting Spray Review

Urban Decay Primer Makeup Setting Spray Review

One thing that bothered me though was the outer and inner caps. I just don't see the need for both, so I have disposed of the outer caps at this point because they were just too much of a hassle.

Urban Decay Primer Makeup Setting Spray Review

Urban Decay Primer Makeup Setting Spray Review

The B6 Vitamin Infused Complexion Prep Priming Spray* ($39.00 CDN) is for all skin types, but does focus on oil control, reducing shine and evening out skin tone. The "B6" refers to vitamin B6 or pyridoxine which "normalizes" and improves the overall condition of the skin. In one study, scientists found that dogs that were B6-deficient suffered from dermatitis! Pyridoxine is found halfway down the ingredients list which I can handle. This spray also has a BHA early on the in list in the form of willow bark extract (my fave!). Again, this spray is acting like skincare and there isn't a single silicone in the formulation! This combined with De-Slick will stop that midday shine from seeing the light of day!

My favourite of the two prep sprays was the Quick Fix Hydracharged Complexion Prep Priming Spray* ($39.00 CDN) mainly because it smelled so good! Made with coconut and witch hazel water
as well as niacinamide, this smells like you are on vacation! This spray is all about invigoration, hydration and brighter skin. This spray does contain dimethicone, but it also has the AHA glycolic acid which I have never seen in a primer type product! I feel like I use both of these sprays depending on whether I want a matte or glowy look, but the coconuts-scent of the Quick Fix keeps me coming back for more!

Final verdict: Overall, I really enjoyed switching up the combinations of primers and setting sprays to match both my mood and look I was going for. I have since developed a routine of PREP SPRAY, foundation, SETTING SPRAY CHOICE #1, makeup, SETTING SPRAY CHOICE #2 (I have this thing about needing to sandwich the foundation). Though the setting sprays work similarly, there are very slight differences that will make you grab one over another, but all work brilliantly to keep makeup as fresh as possible without feeling like you hairspray on your face!

The Urban Decay Makeup and Primer Sprays are available at Sephora and Urban Decay stores as well as their online websites. 

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