August 2012 Glossybox

I was very excited to get my hands on the August Glossybox after peeking at what other people had received. Is it just me, or was it seeing that colourful Befine box that really made me that much more excited?!  August’s Glossybox was also a special one as it marked the 6 month anniversary of Glossybox in Canada! For those of us who have been with Glossybox since the beginning, we received a little bonus in our boxes!


Sebastian Potion 9 Lite


Potion 9 Lite conditions, restores and enhances manageable styling.

Thoughts: This is a lightweight treatment styler and is meant to be used on damp hair. You can air dry your hair to get soft waves or defined curls or blow dry to achieve a smooth, yet touchable look. I straighten my hair all the time so I I will gladly give this very generous sample a try!

Full size: 150mL/$20.95

I received: 50mL/$6.98

Biore Make Up Removing Towelettes


Lock onto dirt and make up even stubborn waterproof mascara and lift it away without leaving a greasy residue so you get thoroughly clean skin.

Thoughts: I am accumulating quite the little collection of makeup wipes! I do use them almost daily and Biore is still a brand I had yet to try when it comes to make up wipes so I’m sure I’ll use these. I am curious to see if these really do take off waterproof mascara though.

Full size: 10 wipes/$3.99, 30 wipes/$9.99, 60 wipes/$14.99

I received: 10 wipes/$3.99

Kryolan Lipstick for Glossybox in Glossy Pink


Professional beauty lipstick for soft and glamorous lips with a luminous, long-lasting colour.

Thoughts: This is a colour created just for us Glossies and looks to be quite wearable for everyday. I have never heard of the company Kryolan, but it looks to be a German company with the product itself being made in Berlin as well as the headquarters being located there. My initial thoughts are that the lipstick feels creamy when swatched and barely had any scent to it.

Full size: Unknown as this is a special edition product. There was no pricing for lipstick on the Kryolan website when I checked either…

I received: *FULL SIZE*

Layla Glitter Mascara 


Wrap your eyelashes in glitter and glam for a sensual and seductive look straight from Italy’s runways.

Thoughts: Is it weird that just the description of this product alone makes me not really want to wear it? I don’t often feel like looking sensual and when I do, I definitely don’t think of wearing glitter mascara! Oddly enough, I am a much bigger fan of glitter eyeliner. The glitter mascaras I have used in the past just make my lashes look like I have dust on them…still this IS a full size product and even though I wish I had gotten a nail polish, I appreciate another makeup product in this month’s box.

Full size: 8mL/$15.99

I received: *FULL SIZE*

Befine Food Skin Care Face Sample Packs


Amazing samples from the best in fine foods.

Thoughts: Like many others, this was probably my favourite part of the box and then product I opened first. Maybe it’s the fresh-looking packaging, but all of the Befine products looked truly appetizing and inviting! I have seen their products at London Drugs before, but have never tried them. The array of face masks that we all received is quite impressive. Each packet also looks like it can handle multiple applications. Woohoo!

Full size:

Exfoliating Cleanser: 120mL/$24.00

Gentle Cleanser: 100mL/$24.00

Night Cream: 50mL/$30.00

Pore Refining Scrub Treatment: 90mL/$24.00

Warming Clay Mask: 5 oz/$25.00

I received:

Exfoliating Cleanser: 10mL/$2.00

Gentle Cleanser: 10mL/$2.40

Night Cream: 10mL/$6.00

Pore Refining Scrub Treatment: 10mL/$2.67

Warming Clay Mask: 0.5oz/$2.50

Total Value of Masks = $15.57 (All prices in USD taken from Befine)

*6 Month Bonus* Ahava Deadsea Water Mineral Body Lotion 


Thoughts: So, I just realized that in the very first Canadian Glossybox, we also received this exact product so I guess it’s like we’re coming round full circle by getting it again? Fortunately, I really like this scent so I am happy to have another bottle as I have used up the one from February.

Full size: 250mL/$28.00

I received: 40mL/$4.48

Elastoplast SOS Blister and Trend Trunk Mystery Gift Card


Thoughts: The Trend Trunk mystery amount will forever be a mystery as this site does not interest me whatsoever and in the trash it went. The SOS Blister is an interesting add-on and quite appropriate for the damage our feet go through wearing sandals in the summer!

Full size: 5 units/$5.99

I received: 1 unit/$1.20

Total Value of Glossybox: $48.21 (I did not include the lipstick as there was no price and did not account for the CDN to US Dollar exchange rate).


My favourite product would have to be the little sample package of Befine goodies, followed closely by the Sebastian styling treatment and Biore towelettes. This has to be one of my favourite Glossyboxes to date! 


  1. Ooh I want to look sensual with glitter on my lashes! lol! jk :P
    Those Befine products sound amazing...anything to help the skin! I'm going through a breakout period right now...not fun :( So anything for the face sounds awesome right now lol

    1. My skin isn't doing well either come to think of it...I started using one of the cleanser packs this morning and it felt nice.
      Don't you want to be sensual with glitter lashes?! LOL, so wrong...

  2. thats a lovely box!! in the philippines, we dont have a subscription service yet... i mean, they're all launching, it seems, all at the same time this yr! so i hope ours get better SOON! :D

    1. There is quite the beauty box craze now so I'm very sure there will be one in the Phillippines very soon!

  3. I don't know if I could ever wear glitter mascara. It just seems like something you'd see in a little girl makeup kit or something. The rest of the stuff is really cool though, I'm interested to hear what you have to say about the Befine products - they look fun!

    1. That's how I felt about the glitter mascara too. I tried it today and it just looks like I have sparkly dandruff on my eyes!

  4. Ooh, the Befine sample packaging is so cute!
    I can't imagine wearing glitter mascara and it not irritating my eyes.. though I have applied glitter all over my lids. I agree about the description, something about glitter mascara making you look sensual and seductive doesn't seem right.. that's what lace is for, after all. :D

    1. Don't the masks look so yummy? They did a great job with the packaging I'll say. It may be all crap, who knows? I tried one mask and it was ok so we shall see how the other ones work out.
      LOL, yes lacy underthings are the way to go when it comes to being sensual for sure :)

  5. So far Glossy Box has not disappointed me since the beginning, I am looking forward to next months box :)

    1. Overall, I've been pretty happy with Glossybox too. I feel like I always get more than I paid for. I am also looking forward to next month's box! It's coming soon!

  6. i tried the glitter mascara on my hair and it didn't stay too well. i think i found most of the glitter on my shirt that night haha. oh well, i'll still continue to put it in my hair for fun. :)

    1. Uh oh! I only tried it as a mascara today and I didn't see the appeal of having sparkly dandruff stuff on my lashes...I'll try it in my hair soon!

  7. I haven't even had the desire to open the glitter mascara yet but overall I liked my Glossybox.

    1. What? You're not even a little tiny bit curious? :P

  8. The glitter mascara is interesting

    1. Interesting is definitely the word I would use too ;-)

  9. Is it weird that I would have liked to try the mascara lol. I received another Kryolan lip stick. It's my latest blog post..I'm so behind!

    1. Haha, I should have given you mine!

    2. You can have mine too! I didn't even want to open it to see the wand...pretty but not something I could pull off