Swatch It Up | Doctor Lacquer–Stubs and Movember

I picked this polish up exactly one year ago and surprise, surprise, I never got around to wearing it until now. The fact that this Doctor Lacquer polish actually has the word “Movember” in it made me feel just silly wearing it any other time than November. Doctor Lacquer is one of my favourite indie polish companies and in my opinion, does the thermal polish in one of the BEST ways.

Stubs and Movember was a 3 coater for me and is black when cold and clear when warm. I love the contrasting bright blue hex glitter of all different sizes and of course the moustache glitter. There was an option to either have the moustaches inside the bottle ready to go OR to have them “on the side”. I chose to have them separately and I am glad I did because they refused to lie flat! I actually had to remove them because they were cutting my face and getting caught on everything!

Doctor Lacquer

Doctor Lacquer Stubs and Movember (3)


Doctor Lacquer Stubs and Movember (5)


Doctor Lacquer Stubs and Movember (4)


Doctor Lacquer Stubs and Movember

My favourite of the two stages!

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