Topbox | August 2014 Edition (My Last One…It’s the End of a Beauty Box Era!)

I pulled the cord and ended my Topbox sub in September due to the an overwhelming number of products in my life and the lack of excitement I was feeling from each Topbox. I have been a Topbox subscriber since November 2011, so it was a big part of my beauty blogging life. I do still LOVE their limited edition FLARE and LOULOU boxes so I will definitely have my eye on those!

August’s Topbox was fairly lackluster for me which is what really got me to break up with Topbox, but I believe the Jayne from 2011 would have really loved it because she had so little product back then. Nonetheless, I would use 50% of the items in this box, but that always seems to be the case with all of my more recent Topboxes. Shall we dive in?

August 2014 Topbox

Barefoot Venus | Macadamia Oil Hand Cream in Vanilla ShakeBarefoot Venus Macadamia Oil Hand Cream

Dry, chafed skin magically vanishes when a tried and true potion of macadamia nut oil, sesame seed oil and wheat germ oil starts to mollycoddle your needy skin.

Thoughts: I always find it a little strange when a hand cream is in a bottle like this as it’s not the easiest to pour out. The bottle is also one of the harder plastics so I KNOW I won’t be able to get all of the moisturizer out. The scent is really nice though.

Full size: 60mL/$5.99

I received: *FULL SIZE*

Belvada Cosmetics | Nail Polish Remover Pads in WatermelonBelveda Cosmetics Nail Polish Remover Pads

Scented and acetone-free nail polish remover pads. Simply press saturated pad lightly and wipe of polish.

Thoughts: I’m pretty sure these nail pads are the same ones as the ones in this Topbox. I have some lemon-scented ones, but because these are acetone-free you will have to work quite hard to remove polish. The pads are very thin so I had to use one pad/hand.

Full size: $1.50/box (according to the Born Pretty website since I cannot find a Belvada price)

I received: *FULL SIZE*

Clinique | Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle Correcting Eye CreamClinique Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream

Wake up from those long summer nights looking fresh as a daisy with this miracle worker. It plumps your eyes and keeps them looking radiant, while smoothing fine lines.

Thoughts: I am so scared of eye creams now because I’ve been using some super hydrating ones that have left me with milia! I am terrified of trying anything with oil in it now although the product description makes it sound like it’ll do my tired eyes some good.

Full size: 30mL/$68, 15mL/$48

I received: 5mL/$11.33

LAQA & Co. | Bees Knees Sheer Lip Lube Pencil LAQA and Co. Bees Knees Sheer Lip Lube Pencil

Lip Lube is a light and glossy hydrating lip balm – perfect for everyday wear. The peppermint shea butter formula delivers an oh-so addictive hint of mint and moisture with each application.

Thoughts: I like the smoothness of this pencil, but I wish it wasn’t called “Lip Lube”. Just don’t call any makeup product “lube”. I’m also not a fan of the lip colour for me personally as it is quite peachy and looks sort of funny with my yellow skin tone.

Full size: $20.00/pencil

I received: *FULL SIZE*

Total Value of August Topbox: $38.82

Not a bad value, just not a box for me.

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