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This post is sponsored by Colgate - Palmolive. I received product and compensation to aid in this review.

We all have our insecurities and at the top of my list has always been my smile. I have always been self-conscious about my smile what with my one snaggletooth, three chipped teeth from grinding in my sleep and a tea and cola-drinking habit that has kept my teeth looking less than pearly white. While I don't stop myself from smiling, I have kept my lipstick colours fairly neutral over the years in the hopes of drawing focus away from the colour of my teeth.

†When brushing twice daily for 6 weeks

As much as I adore my dentist friends, I think I am one of many people who hate going to the dentist for any procedure. I barely want to go in for cleanings (I still do though!), let alone additional visits to get my teeth as white as snow! When whitening strips made their way into the dental hygiene market, I thought this would be the perfect solution to giving me the confidence to share my toothy grin and all from the comfort of my own home while watching TV, blogging or painting my nails. More importantly, I found it hard to remember to use them and would much rather whiten my teeth in my sleep or during a routine that I have to do anyway like brushing my teeth!

I have never used multiple whitening products in my dental hygiene routine before until Colgate* Optic White TM/MC. Firstly, there is the new Optic White* Platinum TM/MC High Impact White TM/MC Toothpaste* that contains fluoride (oh thank God!) and promises to get your smile 4 shades whiter in six weeks with an effective toothpaste concoction containing hydrogen peroxide. This toothpaste had good foam action going on and left my mouth feeling incredibly minty. Even if I wasn't in the market for a whitening toothpaste, I would still enjoy this one! 

†Toothbrush + Pen: For best whitening results, continue to use as directed
†Toothpaste: When brushing twice daily for 6 weeks 

I am not a mouthwash person as I have this constant fear of swallowing the liquid by accident while swishing and having to call 911. I even skip the swishing of the fluoride at my dentist appointments because 60 seconds is just too long for me. I am such a baby, I know! The Optic White* High Impact White TM/MC Mouthwash is SUPER MINTY and though I know that this leaves your breath feeling insanely fresh, I just couldn't get used to the taste and the intensity of the mint. As a whole, I think the love story between myself and mouthwash was never meant to be.

†For best whitening results, continue to use as directed 

The Colgate* Optic WhiteTM/MC Toothbrush and Built-In Whitening Pen was actually the first thing I wanted to try as I have a love for fresh toothbrushes. What is interesting about this toothbrush is the presence of an actual whitening pen built into the base. After brushing and using mouthwash, take the pen and turn the bottom two clicks to reveal the overnight whitening gel. I was scared this was going to taste terrible, but thankfully not! I applied the gel to mainly the front areas of my teeth and then went to bed. Easy! The gel didn't have too much of a taste and if I swallowed any, I couldn't tell. Using the toothbrush and pen were by far my favourite aspects of this regimen and made whitening feel effortless. 

The other day I wore my favourite obnoxious fuchsia pink lipstick to an appointment downtown and met up with my husband. We never take any photos together and decided to have an impromptu selfie session on public transit (we're so wild, I know). I usually do my closed-lipped "blog photo" face, but when I smiled into my camera while getting into position I noticed that my smile didn't look quite as dull and almost looked...happier? Maybe it was brighter, whiter or a little bit sunnier, but all I knew was that this selfie was going to be a full-on grin - snaggletooth and all!

Colgate Optic White is available at mass drugstores across Canada.

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