MAKEUP | ESQIDO Miss Dolly Lashes and Latex-Free Companion Eyelash Glue Review

I made a resolution two years ago to be better with false lashes. Though I still don't wear them on an everyday basis, I have learned how to wear them decently for makeup looks. I still wouldn't call myself comfortable with the process by any means, but at least now I know what makes a good set of lashes! False lashes can be pretty pricey which is why mine need to last at least 10 uses. Not all lashes are created equally though, but with ESQIDO Lashes, you will get up to 25 applications of all-day wear! 

I have both worn and reviewed ESQIDO lashes a few times here and I still stand by my previous reviews of how good these lashes are especially since they aren't drugstore prices! Today I have the Miss Dolly* ($35.00 USD) style which provides medium volume with lash length ranging from 6-11mm. This style is meant to give eyes a cute, flirtatious look and are actually the lashes I wore in my most recent Mary Kay look (here)!

Like all ESQIDO lashes, the lash band is handcrafted cotton which provides both flexibility and stiffness that makes application fairly quick and easy. My eyes are pretty small so I always have to trim one "chunk" of lashes off most falsies. I would also trim off that little piece of lash band that is on the inner part of the lashes because you don't want that bit poking into your eye! 

One thing that I haven't really talked about is in the last year, I seem to have developed a sensitivity to eyelash glue. I have been using Duo since I started playing with false lashes, but I started noticing that my left eye would start to water once the glue got close to them which would lead to inevitable tears and reapplication. I thought it was just my left eye and then my right eye started to do it too. Though I only suffered tears and a slight burning sensation, it disappeared after the glue fully dried and I had the lashes on. I never even thought I could developing a sensitivity to latex since I only sparingly wear false lashes. When ESQIDO sent along their latex-free Companion Eyelash Glue* (5.5mL/$10.00 USD), there were no tears or burning! 

This glue comes in lip gloss style packaging with a very fine liner tip for precision glue application. I was told that a little goes a long way and it really does! The glue comes out white (dries clear) and all I needed to do was make sure the lash band was coated with a thin layer of glue, wait just a few seconds and they were ready to apply! I'm still not great with glue timing, so sometimes I will apply the lashes when the glue is too wet and then nothing sticks. Not the case with this glue! I barely have to wait and it's like the glue is itching to be adhered to the base of my lid! 

Final verdict: The Miss Dolly lashes were actually very easy to wear in terms of making me feel just a touch more girly and dressed up. These aren't as dense or voluminous as some of the other ESQIDO lashes I have tried making this style comfortably glamorous to wear casually. The Companion glue is fantastic and I highly recommend it to anyone who has a latex sensitivity because it was a real game changer for me!

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