NAILS | Born Pretty Thermal Purple to Pink Colour Changing Polish #ManiMonday

Thermal polishes are some of my all-time favourite polishes especially when my nails are long enough to have a natural French manicure thanks to the thermal gradient. I have tried a number of thermal polishes over the years from various indie polish vendors and now from Born Pretty Store - the ultimate emporium of all things nail art!

When I saw this purple to pink thermal polish*, I immediately fell in love with the two temperature stages. It really doesn't get better than purple to pink and with glitter too! Another thing I noted that this polish smelled like nothing. No strong scent whatsoever! I don't know what is different about the formula, but I detected none of that typical nail polish scent at all!

What I am wearing in all the photos is 2 coats and as much as I loved the final colour shift results, there were two things about this polish that I did not like. Firstly, I did not like that there were no mixing balls in the bottle. My polish had settled after about a month and I could not get the mixture to MIX. Luckily, I had some extra mixing balls from Born Pretty from last year so I threw in one ball and the polish was fine. Secondly, for whatever reason, on some of my nails, this polish dried "crackle" style. Meaning, one large crack in the middle somewhere. My thumb has a huge crack in it and I have no idea why.

The reviews and other customer photos seem to have no reports of cracking so it may just have been my bottle, but this is a pretty polish with very strong transition properties so I would at least recommend it for that! Happy Monday!

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