NAILS | Get Ready for Snapchat Nail Art for #ManiMonday!

Some nail art is just amazingly fun to create and after seeing this pin, I knew I had to set aside the time to do some Snapchat nail art! This is one form of social media that I have to remind myself to use because it just kills the battery life on my phone, but the filters are seriously a blast to use! If you're not feeling the way you look, these filters will definitely brighten your day or even give you a laugh!

Snapchat Nail Art

The main Snapchat colour is yellow so I started with three coats of OPI - My Twin Mimmy* and then two coats of a white base for the ring and thumb nails using OPI Infinite Shine - Non-Stop White*. To create the mouth, I used a black polish like OPI - Never Have Too Mani Friends!* and OPI - Look at My Bow!* for the lips. Using black acrylic paint, I outlined some teeth as well as the lips to give definition.

For the precious little Snapchat ghost, he was the toughest to draw. Freehanding wasn't that easy because his arms and legs were constantly lopsided. This was the best I could do before the layers of white polish started to look like #PolishMountain! I outlined him in black acrylic paint so that you could all see what the hell I was drawing. I finished off the nail with some black dots. Don't try scanning this, they are randomly placed!

Snapchat Nail Art

The rainbow was pretty fun to draw and in this case, I used all acrylic paints to create the lines as well as the stars. Once everything was dry, I sealed it all in with a fast-drying top coat and had a good laugh!

Snapchat Nail Art

Happy Monday! I didn't really want to get up, but by noon I usually feel better about the week in general. How about you?

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