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If you hadn't noticed, I like to paint my nails. A lot. Though I don't often talk about what I do behind the scenes to keep their nails at their best, I definitely have some strong opinions concerning all things nails. Sometimes I will listen to customers at the drugstore ask the sales associates about the best top coat or how to make manicures last and a few times, I have interjected and made recommendations because let's face it. I think I know my s*$&!

I started using the Formula X System XCEL ($40.00 CDN) awhile back when it first came out and found that it extended the life of my manicures by up to a week at times. The longest I have been able to wear a chip-free Formula X manicure is a full 14 days earlier this year! Granted, I had strep throat and didn't use my hands too much, but the shine on my nails never seemed to fade. Over the last few months I have incorporated a few other loves that I thought I'd share with you that have really kept my nail game STRONG!

Sephora and Formula X Nail Essentials

The thing I HATE the most about manicures is removing nail polish. I dread it so much. I don't know if it's the process or creating the "absence of nothing" so the quicker I can get it over with, the better. One product that I always thought was somewhat gimmicky was the Formula X - Delete All 5 Finger Nail Polish Remover* ($18.00 CDN)The concept is pretty simple, but holy crap has it changed my life! The jar is filled with a sponge soaking in acetone-based nail polish remover. The texture of the sponge helps to scrub away nail polish in no time flat. You just stick all of your nails in the little holes, twist for I kid you not 10 seconds, and your nails will be bare. Even for glitter polish, twist for 15-20 seconds and BAM! Clean nails! I even demonstrated for my husband as "magic trick' and he was so impressed!

Formula X Delete All

Formula X Delete All

You can get something similar at the drugstore for around $5, but this is a bigger tub than what I have seen AND the fact that the sponge is black makes it look less gross. Especially after you have used it a couple of times to remove darker nail polishes. I have a drugstore version with a white sponge and after one or two red or dark blue manicures, the insides of the holes start to look pretty grubby and can even transfer some of the colour back onto your nails. I also loved the size of this tub as I could comfortably spread my whole hand. Overall, I was just so surprised at how much I enjoyed using this to remove nail polish!

Sephora Tough as Nails Manicure Kit

I have mentioned before that I don't ever trim my nails with a nail clipper. If you know other nail bloggers, trimming is quite the taboo. It's all about filing down the nails. I will only trim if I have damaged a nail and even then, I don't think I have done it for years. Even with a pair of nail cutters, I still have certain nail tools I cannot live without, many of which are included in the Sephora Collection Tough as Nails Deluxe Manicure Kit* ($25.00 CDN). Tiny scissors are perfect for trimming away hangnails and cuticle nippers are also handy to have around. 

Sephora Tough as Nails Manicure Kit

What sets the Formula X System XCEL apart is the inclusion of a nail cleanser. This is a nail dehydrator that improves polish adherence. Initially, I did not use it and just used the base and top coats, but once I started using the nail cleanser I realized my manicures lasted much longer. You also get to choose a nail polish of your choice with each set so all in all, not a bad deal.

Formula X The System

I cannot survive with just one base and top coat. I have around 10 active base and top coats on rotation depending on my mood or the condition of my nails. Though I wasn't a huge follower of the colour correcting trend, I do like the base coats that give nails a healthier look like the Formula X Color Correcting Base Coat* ($19.00 CDN). The hint of purple neutralizes yellowness and actually makes nails look brighter!

A good base coat is nothing without a complementary top coat. The Formula X Shine Strength Top Coat* ($19.00 CDN) is a thicker, more gel-like top coat (be careful with smearing nail art!) that can be tricky to apply as it isn't as liquid-like as other fast-drying top coats. The thing is, the shine it gives your polish is UH-MAZING.

Formula X Color Corrector and Shine Strength

I am always on the lookout for nail-related holy grails so let me know if there is anything you HAVE TO HAVE when it comes to treating those talons right!

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