Sunday Essentials Edition #1 | My 5 Favourite Foundations

Ever since I stopped doing monthly favourites, I haven't really had the opportunity to share products that I have been using religiously. Looking at my routine, I actually have A LOT things that I have been loving to bits, but haven't actually written about!

Over the past two years, I have developed an unhealthy/healthy addiction to foundation. Never in my lifetime would I have thought I would love foundation so much, but it ties in to my utter love of skincare. Good skin is the perfect foundation for well, foundation! When I started this blog in 2011, I didn't even wear real foundation! I stuck to BB creams and mineral powder because I was convinced that foundation was only for people with "problem skin". I didn't realize that foundation comes in varying levels of coverage and can be used to enhance, cover and even out skin tone. Some can even be relatively hydrating if need be! Though I have a number of foundation favourites, these five are the ones that I have been reaching for on a daily basis for most of the year! 

MAKE UP FOR EVER's Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation ($45.00 CDN) was my first foray into actual foundations. It wasn't too far off from mineral makeup, but gave me a coverage that looked so natural, I realized what I was missing. This is my third compact since 2013 and considering how many foundations I have been using, this says A LOT about how much I love it (review).

Next up, are two newer additions that I have been using, both being cushion foundations. The PUR Cosmetics Air Perfection CC Cushion Foundation* ($49.00 CDN) was introduced last year and it was the FIRST cushion foundation I tried that matched me perfectly (I am shade medium)! Asian cushions are always a little bit lighter than my actual skintone and though I don't look like a ghost, it is nice to have a cushion foundation that is totally me. The next cushion is one that I started using a few weeks ago and it has amazed me to a point where I haven't used anything else! The Lise Watier Lumiere Cushion Compact Liquid Foundation* ($46.00 CDN) in Dore has been my go-to! At first, I found this foundation too wet, but I realized it was because the sponge on this one is more stiff so when I pressed down, A LOT of foundation came out. All you need is a light hand and the coverage and colour match were far better than I had expected from a cushion foundation!   

It should come as no surprise that I am a MASSIVE fan of the Dior Diorskin Star Fluid Foundation ($64.00 CDN) as I use it in all of my Dior makeup looks and it is the foundation I use when I need SPF and want a flawless looking face. It doesn't have as glowy a finish as the cushion foundations, but it's one of those foundations that makes my skin look totally smooth and poreless. I mean, who wouldn't want that?

This past summer, even though my skin rarely saw sunshine, I ended up getting a bit of a tan, but I really didn't feel like getting new shades of foundation. Thankfully, another beauty blogger had one shade darker of the Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow Sheer Liquid Foundation ($62.00 CDN) than the PR sample I had been using and it turned out to be perfect! Though this has the word "sheer" in it, the coverage is definitely medium. 
I had #3 medium before (review) and it was too dark so I gave it away. Now, it turns out to be my colour. Oh well!

Are you a foundation lover as well? Are there other foundations I need to be looking at?!

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