SHEET MASK | FaceTory Woah that H20 Hydrating Mask

I thought I had given up on subscription boxes until I finally gave in to FaceTory a year ago after spying their Instagram and website for months before taking the plunge to subscribe to the "7 Lux Box" for a full year! The subscription is not an inexpensive one at around $330 with the exchange rate, but it works out to about $4/sheet mask which is actually a great deal because almost all of the sheet masks I have gotten in these boxes range from $4-$8 and are hard to find. For most masks, I have really had to search Ebay or very specific Kbeauty sites and once I factor in the Canadian exchange and shipping, pricing ends up being more expensive so needless to say, I have LOVED my FaceTory subscription a lot!

FaceTory Woah that H20 Hydrating Mask

Purchased by me via the FaceTory subscription box

In addition to the beautifully curated sheet mask brands, FaceTory launched their own house brand of masks a year ago that I have to say have some of the cuuuuutest graphics and packaging I have ever seen! The ingredients are generally plant-based and fit with each monthly subscription theme. The masks are also perfectly Instagrammable which I have to say has been really helpful in creating flatlays!

For my September 2018 mask box, the theme was hydration, which is always a relevant theme, and inside was this beauty of a 2-step sheet mask! The Woah that H2O Hydrating Mask is made of a cotton-derived cupra sheet which is a bit thicker, but strong and adheres very well to the skin and focuses on getting skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

FaceTory Woah that H20 Hydrating Mask

The first step was the Hydrating Ampoule which was like an essence and very watery and looked exactly like water. Prior to this step, I had spritzed my face with my Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence. The essence itself did not contain any oil, but did have quite a number of flower extracts with moisturizing and antibacterial properties.

FaceTory Woah that H20 Hydrating Mask

The actual sheet mask itself was a thicker material, but stuck well to my face and was soaking in essence when I pulled it out of the package. The thicker cupra sheet also made my skin feel like it was getting a bit of a lift too!

FaceTory Woah that H20 Hydrating Mask

Mask Summary:

Price: $5.00 USD
Scent: very lightly floral
Duration: 20 minutes
Thickness: Medium, but comfortable
Mask Fit: Good, no lifting
Tackiness: Medium
Hydration: Good! I didn't need moisturizer after removal.

FaceTory Woah that H20 Hydrating Mask

Final verdict: My skin was a bit tacky right up until I went to bed so I feel mixed about whether I didn't enjoy it as much since I used this mask on one of the hot and muggy Vancouver summer nights we have been having. It was indeed very hydrating and the actual masking experience was quite pleasant so in general I would try this mask again, but I would prefer to do it when it's Fall or Winter when my skin is really in need of a hydro boost!

You can find the FaceTory Woah H2O Hydrating Mask at

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