SHEET MASK | Mediheal Bio Capsulin Love Me Mask Set (BTS Special Edition)

The last week was probably the first time in awhile that I have written less than three blog posts mainly because of a viral infection that I have been fighting in my eye for the last seven days. It started as just my eye feeling like there was a bit of dust or some irritant in my eye on Sunday last week and then by the next morning, it was swollen and red and even with antibiotics, it progressively got more and more swollen until I ended up being referred to an ophthalmologist on Friday because my eye was so swollen that I could no longer see properly and the current antibiotics I was on were doing nothing. He gave my eyeball a look and said "Well, that's one swollen eyeball!" He gave me a new round of antibiotic eye drops that had cortisone in them to take down the swelling and after one day of use, I can already feel a bit of the pressure dying down. The doctor warned me that I might be living with this infection for as long as 10 days since viruses tend to be extremely stubborn, but I hope I heal faster because this has been incredibly irritating to deal with and I am also really weird about things going wrong with my eyes. I just get freaked out when it comes to anything involving the eyes because they seem so fragile as an organ even though I know that there are so many protective mechanisms for them! 

Flatlay of BTS Mediheal Masks
Purchased by me

I wouldn't say I am a BTS fan though I do really like their song "Dynamite" and find the group hilarious to watch on talk shows. When I initially purchased this limited edition trio of Mediheal x BTS masks on ebay, I was more focused on the LE aspect and because I have always liked anything that Mediheal comes out with. 

Back of box of the BTS Mediheal Capsulin Love Me Set

The packaging itself is also what makes these sheet masks unique as instead of the traditional sheet packet, the biocellulose masks come in these little heart-shaped containers with the masks sort of scrunched up. 

Flatlay of the BTS Mediheal Capsulin Love Me Mask Set

Luckily because the thickness of these masks is on the medium side, so it was easy to unfold. Usually biocellulose masks have a plastic liner to keep the mask from sticking to itself while making it easier to apply to the skin. If the mask had been on the thinner side, I probably would have torn it trying to unfold it from the packaging.

BTS Mediheal Capsulin Love Me Mask Blue Pack

Back of BTS Mediheal Love Me Mask

There wasn't a lot of essence in each package, but the masks themselves were perfectly moist so I think Mediheal did a good job of making sure there was juuuust enough essence in the packet. 


Though each mask had a different skin goal, I found them to be fairly similar in experience with the exception of the blue Hydra Mask which seemed to instantly brighten my skin!

BTS Mediheal Love Me Mask Selfie

Mask Summary:

Price: $29.98 USD for all three
Skin concerns: Hydration, soothing and toning
Scent: Only the Purple Toning Mask had a scent (lavender)
Essence Type: Milky, but not a lot was in each pack
Duration: 15-20 minutes (I did 30 minutes no problem!)
Thickness: Medium for biocellulose masks
Mask Fit: Very good and skin-like as biocellulose should be
Tackiness: None
Hydration: Not overly intense as I was still able to comfortably pat on two drops of Helena Lane Facial Oil.
Other notes: I noticed a brightening effect with the Blue Hydra Mask right away!

BTS Mediheal Capsulin Love Me Mask Flatlay

Final verdict: Super cute and if I could buy them again I would, but I believe they have been discontinued which is sad. The regular Bio Capsulin series is still available though, but it isn't the most readily available on a lot of Korean etailers. I have always liked biocellulose masks so I thoroughly enjoyed using these and the BTS aspect was extra fun now that I am actually more of a fan!

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