SHEET MASK | Soo'Ae Rose Masks: Revitalizing Rose Petal Sheet Mask and Rose Mask Duo Kit

I have REALLY missed sheet masking these last two weeks as I have not used any skincare products close to the eyes since my eye got infected. The good news is that my eye is a million times better and I think after this week, I should be in the clear to wear eye makeup and and get back to my beloved sheet mask babies! Luckily, for a sheet mask addict like myself, I always have way more reviews pending than I have time to write about which was convenient this week as I haven't had a chance to try out anything new. It has been a bit boring actually when it comes to the beauty front as I have kept my routine really simple to focus on my eye. 

flatlay of sooae rose sheet masks
Purchased by me

Last year, for #SooAeSeptember I picked up every sheet mask this Korean skincare brand made including these luscious rose-themed masks. I love rosewater and the scent of it so I was really looking forward to trying both of these masks out!

Revitalizing Rose Petal Sheet Mask
sooae revitalizing rose petal sheet mask

Made with real Damask Roses, there are actual rose petals woven into this sheet mask for the ultimate rose experience and it smelled just as good as I had hoped! This mask is also incredibly hydrating and plumping with its blend of hyaluronic acid, allantoin and collagen and is great for when you have extremely dry skin. I almost wish I had waited until we were in the throes of winter to use this because when I first used it in September, it was almost a little TOO intense on the hydration side!

sooae revitalizing rose petal sheet mask

mask selfie of sooae rose mask duo

Mask Summary:

Price: $4.50 CDN
Skin concerns: Anti-aging and nourishment
Scent: Mmmm, smells like rosewater!
Essence Type: Light, watery gel
Duration: 20 minutes
Thickness: Thin - you could see my skin!
Mask Fit: Very good
Tackiness: High
Hydration: Intense - applied a moisturizer on top that had dimethicone to give a smooth finish so I wouldn't be sticking to my pillowcase
Other notes: N/A

Revitalizing Rose Duo Mask Kit
sooae rose mask duo

I'm always a fan of multi-step masks and I found this one interesting because of the two "toning pads" included as the first step followed by the sheet mask. Similar to the previous rose mask, this mask also focuses on revitalizing the skin to give a healthy glow.

sooae rose mask duo back of packaging

I was actually a bit surprised to find another package inside which I found a bit wasteful as I would have been happy to have just the clear plastic packaging.

sooae rose mask toning pads

The toning pads were quite large and one would have been more than enough for my face and neck, but I used them all over my body so as not to waste them.


Though it's nice to see a positive message about land preservation using an Indigenous proverb, it seems very random as I have not seen Soo'Ae get too involved in this issue. 

mask selfie sooae revitalizing rose petal sheet mask

Mask Summary:

Price: $5.00 CDN
Skin concerns: Skin in need of a reboot
Scent: Also smells like roses!
Essence Type: Light, watery gel
Duration: 20 minutes
Thickness: Thin 
Mask Fit: Very good
Tackiness: Medium
Hydration: On the high side, but not as intense as the previous rose mask
Other notes: I felt like two toning pads was a bit too much for the face and neck as they were a good size and had a decent amount of product on them. I used them on the rest of my body too because I didn't want to waste it!

flatlay of sooae rose sheet masks

Final verdict: The masks were both quite nice with the fit and scent being very enjoyable, but I found them both fairly tacky in finish so maybe they just weren't right for my skin at the time. I would recommend these only for very dry skin or if you live in a dry climate because the hydration is next level!

You can find the Soo'Ae Revitalizing Rose Petal Sheet Mask and Rose Mask Duo Kit at or at your local Walmart.

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