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It has been forever since we have chatted about shampoos, conditioners and masks so we need to change that since I am obsessed with my hair! I would say that after skincare, I have an overwhelmingly obscene number of hair care products and I secretly think that I get my hair coloured just so I can justify the "supporting" hair products. I do enjoy being blonde and after switching my colour around for a few years, I have found a happy place with a warm balayage that lasts me around 8 months before feeling like I need a colour refresh with JT at Civello on South Granville. Yes, JT is a colour genius and knows how to blend the blonde so that it lasts, but I have to do my part when it comes to home care and that means constant heat and UV protection as well as hydrating masks. The Joico Defy Damage collection protects all hair types from heat styling, UV exposure and environmental exposure preventing frizz, breakage and dullness. Well, sign me up!

Joico Defy Damage Collection
Press samples

The Defy Damage Collection notably contains a "SmartRelease Technology" which is a liposome delivery system that slowly delivers rosehip oil, arginine and keratin to the hair so that protection and hair renewal is continuous. Some skincare uses this type of technology in the form of oleosomes (time-released moisture) and even certain drugs are delivered within the body using lipsomes so it's pretty cool!

Protective Shampoo
Joico Defy Damage Shampoo

Both the shampoo and conditioner smells quite nice in a sweetly floral way with the shampoo lathering nicely and removing the dry shampoo that has built up in the two days that I have not washed my hair. For reference, I wash my hair twice a week - once with purple shampoo products and the other with colour protecting products from the Joico Defy Damage which I feel have been a good pairing. I also tend to have a pretty dry scalp where with certain shampoos, I can see a bit of flaking if I look closely under the light. With this collection, my scalp wasn't angry and it actually looked pretty happy!

Protective Conditioner
Joico Defy Damage Conditioner

The Protective Conditioner was a decent conditioner in that it made my hair feels smooth and tangle-free, but I didn't feel that sort of plumpness that I have come to like in certain volumizing conditioners. I feel like I am splitting hairs by saying this, but that's really the only difference I could detect when compared to other conditioners I have tried.

Protective Masque
Joico Defy Damage Protective Masque

Whether it's a purple shampoo/conditioner day or not, I always use a hair mask and this mask was the first product I started using out of the quartet and I have used it with other brands and of course with the Defy Damage shampoo and conditioner. This mask contains a "protective lipid" which is a chemical shield that coats the hair and acts like a helmet as the first line of defense against UV and heat damage. The formula also contains hydrating moringa seed oil and arginine, which in the hair world encourages hair bond renewal.

This is a relatively quick mask at just 5 minutes, so tend to do my second facial cleanse, exfoliate, use body wash and or shave my legs when I use this mask which amounts to about 5 minutes. What I found most interesting was that this mask worked BEST with its "family members". My hair felt softer, more restored than when used outside of this inner circle.

Protective Shield
Joico Defy Damage Protective Shield

This protective treatment has a similar makeup to the mask, but is very lightweight cream that is intended to be used on damp hair which will then be blow-dried. I tend to be very bad with using treatments like this because I much prefer sprays as opposed to getting my hands mucked up with creams once I am out of the shower so I haven't used this all that much, but when I do it gives my hair a nice smooth finish. It's just not a big enough game changer for me to stick to using it consistently.

Joico  Defy Damage Collection

Final verdict:
While I don't find this collection great on the volume side, this is still a solid collection and I have been using it for months before and after getting my hair balayaged. When I look at comparison photos of fresh colour vs months later, my hair colour still looks good! I have even had people ask me now where I get my hair done or whether I have had it touched up recently. While I can't say it is the Defy Damage collection alone, the fact that I have been using the shampoo, conditioner and mask so consistently means that they must be doing something right! 

You can find the Joico Defy Damage Collection at your local salon.

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