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Just when I thought Influenster had shunned me, I suddenly received this Malin + Goetz Voxbox a couple of weeks ago! The last Voxbox I qualified for was actually around this time last year at the height of the pandemic and since I was off work, I remember starting my reviews right away and taking down notes every day. The brainpower and energy I had used for my day job needed to go somewhere so if you ever need an intense single product review of Ole Henrikson's Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum, definitely check out my review! Though today's review isn't quite as intense, I hope to give you all a good idea of my first real skincare experience with New York-based brand Malin + Goetz because it was quite nice!

flatlay of malin and goetz skincare products
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Founded by Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz 17 years ago, Malin + Goetz initially caught my eye  because of their unisex packaging. I liked how clean it was and how ingredients and instructions were right on the actual products. The ingredients looked effective and the routines and products seemed uncomplicated, but I just never got around to trying anything since I like "complication" when it comes to my skincare routine! 

Dark Rum Eau de Parfum
close up of malin and goetz eau de parfum dark rum bottle

I have the candle of this scent and enjoyed it, but I think that's ALL I like it as. It is intense as a fragrance and though I found the scent interesting and intoxicating, I don't think I liked it on ME at all. It seemed too masculine with my body chemistry which I did not find surprising with its notes of anise, leather and patchouli. I am more of a fruity floral person so I think I will keep my love of Dark Rum in the form of a candle. 

Grapefruit Face Cleanser
Close up of malin and goetz grapefruit face cleanser bottle

I really enjoyed this cleanser! The scent of this is SO NICE as it smells like grapefruit and has a gel consistency that becomes a light foam that doesn't leave your skin squeaky clean like you would expect a foaming cleansers to do. This is also safe to use around the eye area and leaves my skin feeling soft upon rinsing. My husband is also a big fan of this cleanser as it works well for his combination skin (I am normal/dry). The only thing I don't like about this cleanser is the bottle as I would have preferred a tube.

Vitamin E Face Moisturizer
close up of malin and goetz vitamin e moisturizer bottle

I liked the texture and scent of this moisturizer, but I read a number of reviews on Sephora where people hated both. The scent isn't as nice as the cleanser, but I still found it fairly fresh. There is no added fragrance which may be why some people don't like it, so I will admit that it is a bit unique. The texture is interesting as well since it starts off feeling fairly heavy, but it actually dries down and absorbs super smooth! There is dimethicone and tapioca starch in the formulation which helps with giving a smooth texture that works well underneath makeup. At first, I was taken aback by the price of such a simple moisturizer, but then I noticed that this was A LOT of product at 118mL! Most moisturizers are sold as 50mL so this is intended to last you at least 6 months! Similar to the cleanser, I hate this type of packaging especially for lotions because I am never going to be able to get ALL of the product out even with trying to cut as it's also a challenge to cut this bottle in half! 

Bergamot Deodorant
uncapped malin and goetz bergamot deodorant

This is now my new favourite deodorant! The smell of this is really good for anyone who loves a refreshing citrus scent and uses enzymes and corn starch to neutralize odour. It is also free of baking soda which is something I look for as this ingredient can sometimes make odour worse. Application was super smooth without any crumbly white residue left behind that needed to be massaged in as can happen with natural deodorants and I smelled fresh 24 hours after applying it. It also does not stain my clothing and dries down in seconds. I have been using natural deodorants for more than 15 years now and this is now one of my favourites as it's one of the few I have that is a solid stick as opposed to a liquid or a cream in a pot.

Detox Face Mask
close up of malin and goetz face mask bottle

I love a mask that is FAST and effective and that's just what this mask is! It takes just 5 minutes and only needs to be done twice a week for brighter and refreshed looking skin! I thought this mask would be more like a clay as that is what I imagine when I hear the words "detox", but it's actually like one of those tickly bubble masks so be ready to look a little foamy! Rinse off is also fairly mess-free with no bits that stay behind. All in all, a great mask!

flatlay of malin and goetz skincare

My favourite products from what I was sent definitely have to be the Grapefruit Cleanser and the Bergamot Deodorant! I look forward to using these products every day and wholeheartedly recommend them! This experience has definitely gotten me more interested in trying out some other Malin + Goetz products like their shampoo and conditioner!

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