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Last year I really enjoyed doing this series of posts involving roundups of five products as I enjoy reading mini reviews from time to time and oftentimes for certain products I am rotating them and never sticking to the same thing especially when it comes to lip products. Some days my lips need extra nourishment and other days I need to prep them for lip colour (less often now). Regardless, I have been slowly amassing a collection of effective lip treatments that I enjoy using for specific purposes ranging from hydration to plumping.

Some press samples provided

I used lip balm all the time and now with the ongoing pandemic, I use lip balm almost 24/7 five days a week at work and with the micro-environment created around the mouth area underneath the face masks, I have noticed that by midday, my lips have a peely texture and need exfoliation almost daily. If I don't, I can actually "hear" my lips when I apply lip balm! It's probably a bit of the face mask wearing and dryness, but either way, I have needed to step up my lip care game! 

ID.AZ Face Fit Lip Fit-ler in Pink

I got this as a little bonus in one of my FaceTory subscriptions and it is like one of those old school DuWop tingly lip glosses with a hint of pink. I only use this at home during the day as I like the tingly sensation and the fruity scent. While this isn't anything mind-blowing, I haven't used anything like this in years and it has been nice to have something that plumps and makes my lips look fuller even if it's just for home.

Fresh Sugar Wonder Drops Lip Primer*

This product came out a couple of years ago and I remembered testing this out on my hand at the media preview and loving the orange creamsicle fragrance as well as the quick dry smoothing finish. Though there is only 5mL of product in this bottle for $34 CDN, I only use half a drop each time so this little bottle will last you. This is mainly a lip priming tool for me for matte finish lipsticks as it dries on the lips in a few seconds. I use my fingers to apply and has a slight jelly texture. It also has fruit exfoliators which I initially found a bit strange as I it's not like I would want sloughing to happen while I was wearing lipstick, but it turned out to be very subtle or non-existent for me as I did not notice any major exfoliation happening.

Fresh Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy*

I have used this serum on and off over the years as it is similar in texture to the Wonder Drops, but I am just not a fan of the bitter taste that I inevitably end up tasting even after it has dried. I use this exclusively overnight and is something I apply if I want my lips to feel like they are hydrated and protected like lip mask, but without the stickiness. For those of you who let you cats sleep with you, sticky lips has become one of the most annoying things so this serum avoids all of that!

Odacite Aventurine Kiss Lip Serum

This Odacite lip serum is all about the aventurine ball applicator as it is believed to bring good luck! It stays cool as you apply this oil-like serum to your lips and this functions more like skincare as it is essentially a face oil and massage for your lips. This is a blend of CoQ10, baobab, moringa, jojoba, coconut and marula oil (just to name a few) and vitamin C. This product ain't cheap at $65 CDN so enjoy every application!

Okoko Cosmetiques Secret du Dragon Moisturizing Renewal Lip Serum

This one of THE coolest products I own and was one of my first purchases from Okoko Cosmetiques! This naturally marbled blue lip serum is a hydrating blend of dragon's blood from the Croton Lechleri tree, moringa, tomato, prickly pear and broccoli oils, ceramides and blue tansy. ⁣The marbled look is due to blue tansy and spirulina extract so no artificial colorants have been used! It also smells super luxurious and I look forward to applying it every morning before work or just out of the shower as a primer/treatment before I do makeup and/or sheet mask. 

Have you found your lips needing some extra TLC this season? I hope you enjoyed a few of my favourite lip treatments and let me know if you give them a try!

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