SHEET MASK | Sephora Collection Mud, Bubbles, Charcoal and Primer!

You can tell by this packaging that I waited a long time to review these Sephora masks as the packaging has now been revamped, but these were really popular when they first launched as they were among the first generation of Sephora Collection masks when the sheet mask craze was at its peak so I am guessing that some of you have gotten a chance to try some of these over the years, but here are the OGs in a nutshell!

group shot of sephora collection sheet masks
Press samples

The Primer Mask

Closeup of sephora collection primer mask

Under normal circumstances, I would never have even picked up the Primer Mask, but I think during the Christmas of 2017 or 2018, I received all four of the masks I am reviewing here today from PR as they were being sold as holiday gift sets. The Primer Mask is essentially a makeup primer, but also acts to hydrate, smooth and give skin a flawless glow using light-reflecting pigments. It sounds great in theory, but this was my least favourite out of the four, I found it a bit strange to use in the morning and is not a mask where you can just put it on and go. This is a mask for when you plan on taking your time or have other things to do while it absorbs because it stays sticky for quite awhile! I do not see this mask available on the Sephora website, but you are not missing out on much!

sephora collection primer sheet mask selfie

The Primer Mask Summary:

Price: $7 CDN
Scent: Honestly, I don't really remember, but I think it was pretty mild.
Essence Type: Cream
Duration: ∫3 minutes 
Thickness: Medium
Mask Fit: I think the creamy essence made it fit better than it normally would have on my face shape.
Tackiness: Very sticky
Hydration: Good and no pilling of foundation provided you wait until it REALLY has absorbed.
Other notes: Leaves a pink residue behind so make sure you blend! I had streaks on my neck that I couldn't see until I hit daylight and they were really hard to wipe off with just hands! I really don't see how this was any better than using an actual smoothing primer

The Mud Mask
sephora collection mud sheet mask

I have expressed before that I am not a huge mud mask user, but I do love them in the form of a sheet mask because it is virtually mess-free. This is a fiber mask with a layer of "mud" on one side and comes in two pieces. The mud really helps the mask to stick to the face and unlike other Korean mud sheet masks I have tried, I only need to leave this one on for 15 minutes vs the usual 60 minutes which is when the mask has dried. This mask is still fairly moist upon removal and my skin did look matte and clear. I no longer see this mask on the Sephora website so I don't think it is available anymore.

sephora collection mud sheet mask selfie

The Mud Mask Summary:

Price: $7 CDN
Scent: Floral
Essence Type: Clay
Duration: 15 minutes
Thickness: Medium, but no different than other clay sheet masks I have tried
Mask Fit: Good! I two piece mask is always good plus the clay is thicker which really makes it hold onto the skin.
Tackiness: None as you rinse off any remaining residue.
Hydration: As the focus was not hydration, I would say no, but my skin wasn't super dried out from the clay other. 
Other notes: No mess!

The Bubble Mask
sephora collection bubble sheet mask

The Bubble Mask is a detoxifying mask with quick-foaming bubbles. I have used a number of bubble sheet masks by now and this was the first one that was a white sheet instead of black and also did not have as much foaming action as masks I have tried in the past. I don't think the lack of bubbles made any real difference in the results, but it was just an interesting observation. This mask is still available at Sephora with updated snazzy packaging.

Sephora collection bubble mask selfie

The Bubble Mask Summary:

Price: $7 CDN
Scent: Fresh laundry
Essence Type: Bubbles!
Duration: 15 minutes
Thickness: Medium, but standard for bubble masks. I think this is the first white bubble sheet mask I have tried. Usually I use charcoal ones!
Mask Fit: Good!
Tackiness: None as this is a rinse-off mask.
Hydration: My skin felt refreshed as hydration is not really the focus.
Other notes: Not as bubbly as I had expected!

The Charcoal Mask
sephora collection charcoal sheet mask

Ah, the Charcoal Mask. I think at this point a large majority of us have doubled with charcoal masks in some form and I actually decided to use this in the morning as a bit of a wake me up and I quite enjoyed it! Charcoal sheet masks are so different from their clay counterparts in that the essence from the sheet mask is left on the face and actually acts to moisturize as well as detoxify with charcoal powder. This mask is available at Sephora with updated packaging.

sephora collection charcoal mask selfie

The Charcoal Mask Summary:

Price: $7 CDN
Scent: Also, a bit like fresh laundry!
Essence Type: Clear gel
Duration: 15 minutes
Thickness: Medium, but just like any other charcoal mask I have tried. 
Mask Fit: Forehead was a bit short, but otherwise pretty good. Sheet material was pretty stretchy.
Tackiness: Very light, but still comfortable enough to wear moisturizer over top without any pilling.
Hydration: Good!
Other notes: N/A

group shot of sephora collection sheet masks

Final verdict: The worst mask was the Primer Mask so I am not sad that it doesn't exist anymore. The other masks were fairly enjoyable and would purchase them, but only if they are on sale as they are a but pricey compared to similar masks I have used from other brands. I am sad the mud mask is gone as I enjoyed it and have not been able to find an inexpensive clay mud sheet mask so far.

You can find the Bubble and Charcoal Masks at

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