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I have been sitting on this review for longer than I have wanted to solely because I wanted to get my face on and show you a full makeup look with everything, but let's face it. Summer is almost over and the days I have off are spent enjoying the sunshine, reading a book or puttering around the house so putting on a full face of makeup is something I don't want to do on my days off. What I can say is that I have been using almost everything in the Clarins Frozen Makeup Collection along with a few of their new skincare products from the My Clarins line and really enjoying them! I hadn't used Clarins in a long time and it felt nice to come home to a beauty brand staple. I know you want to see more photo spam as the packaging for this year's collection was just screaming "Happy Summer!" so let's get to it!


Clarins Frozen Summer Makeup Collection Flatlay
Press samples 

My Clarins RE-BOOST Healthy Glow Tinted Gel Cream*
My Clarins RE-BOOST Healthy Glow Tinted Gel Cream

With my new life of no longer wearing foundation now that I need to wear a mask, a tinted moisturizer with a hint of glow fits my new makeup routine perfectly. This is a gel cream moisturizer with encapsulated micropigments and pearls that give my skin the appearance of pure radiance. This is a universal shade that also helps the skin to look smoother and more healthy thanks to the "Healthy Skin (In&Out) Complex which is a combination of coconut water and Alpenrose extract. The texture is super lightweight making it perfect for underneath a mask and not so heavy that I feel uncomfortable wearing sunscreen on top. The only thing I will mention that I go back and forth on is the scent. It's sweetly floral and what I would consider to be pretty pungent. The first time I tried it, I liked it and 90% of the time I enjoy the scent, but there are some mornings where it smells overwhelming. The scent goes away quickly enough, but if you prefer your products unscented, this is not for you.

My Clarins RE-FRESH Roll On Eye De-puffer*
My Clarins RE-FRESH Roll On Eye De-puffer

We've all seen this type of product before, but I was actually pleasantly surprised at how NICE this was to use! With a tube made from recycled plastic, this is a refreshing gel cream made of Healthy Skin (In&Out) Complex as well as botanical coffee and horse chestnut escin to reduce puffiness and redness. I didn't used to focus on this area of my face, but now that's all you can see with half my face covered so when I have dark circles, it REALLY shows! Now, the thing that impressed me about this product was the fact that the metal ball stayed very cold even after multiple passes and there wasn't a ton of product that was coming out. Some of the reviews said this as a negative thing, but personally I've never liked having so much eye cream come out that I have to pat in the excess. I find the rollerball mechanism soothing to use in the mornings and of course the reduction in puffiness is nice too. 

My Clarins RE-FRESH Roll On Eye De-puffer

My Clarins RE-MOVE Micellar Cleansing Water*
My Clarins RE-MOVE Micellar Cleansing Water

The packaging is super cute, but that's sort of where it ends for me. I haven't found a micellar water I enjoy more than Bioderma Sensibio. Garnier is probably the closest I've come and while this cleansing water is perfectly fine, it doesn't do well with waterproof eye makeup and has a "no scent" smell that smelled almost bitter. What was nice was that it did not leave a film on my skin, but I wouldn't say my skin felt clean either. Suffice it to say, it just wasn't for me.

Fix' Make-up*

Clarins Fix' Make-up

I have been using this for about a month now and though the formula is the same, the scent for this collection is very summery which is nice. This is a fine spray that mists nicely across the skin and while it does a decent job of setting makeup, it holds up just OK to face mask friction which I'm not surprised about. I usually spray once after I apply powder and then again once I've done my eye makeup. I do feel like my face is "locked in" to a certain extent, but I don't feel like this is a makeup setting spray that is particularly unique.

Ombre 4 Couleurs Golden Hour Gradation Eyeshadow Palette*

Ombre 4 Couleurs Golden Hour Gradation Eyeshadow Palette

As someone who has really been into rose gold eyeshadows this summer, I loved the shades in this palette. The bronze is always my go to all year long, but the softness of the rose golds and more pink toned browns in this palette have been pretty and pigmented to create looks with. Clarins eyeshadow formulas are fairly buttery and with little fallout so easy to use for anyone, but are especially ideal for those who want to be "one and done" with eyeshadow. Normally I would have shown you all an eyeshadow look, but I haven't had time to take some proper photos and I didn't want summer to be over before I talked about this makeup collection!

Ombre 4 Couleurs Golden Hour Gradation Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

Bronzing Compact Sunkissed Healthy Glow Powder*
Bronzing Compact Sunkissed Healthy Glow Powder

Clarins bronzers are one the most iconic summer items in the makeup world and this year's did not disappoint! I only wish I could wear more bronzer as right now I can really only use it on my forehead when wearing a mask. The three shades blend together to make me look perfectly radiant and for someone like me who prefers to go at bronzer with a lighter hand, this super smooth formula makes it so easy!

Bronzing Compact Sunkissed Healthy Glow Powder Swatches

SOS Primer Icy*
Clarins SOS Primer Icy

I think this is such a cool primer! I have used and enjoyed Clarins' previous colour-correcting primers, but have not tried anything tinted green before to help with redness. Not only does this primer eliminate redness, but it feels cooling too! Like the other primers in its family, this blends seamlessly into the skin, doesn't feel heavy and anything from a tinted moisturizer to full foundation sits nicely on top.

Clarins SOS Primer Icy

Water Lip Stain in #9 Deep Red Water*
Water Lip Stain in Deep Red Water

I am kind of over the whole watery lip stain though I know it is a huge staple in Asian makeup. This is a new shade to Clarins' existing Water Lip Stain collection and all I can really say is that yes it leaves a vibrant stain and also works as a buildable fully opaque lip colour. I have worn previous shades on and off over the years and I am just more of a full lipstick colour kind of gal. 

Water Lip Stain in Deep Red Water

Water Lip Stain in Deep Red Water

Clarins Frozen Summer Makeup Collection Flatlay

Have you tried anything from the Clarins Frozen Collection? What products intrigue you the most?

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