NAILS | Cirque Colors One Night Stand Swatch and Weekly Chat

I feel like not a lot has happened this week as it has felt fairly chill on the work and personal life front. I mentioned that I have been trying to watch more movies and read more which I have been plugging away at. Like the rest of the planet, I started watching Squid Game on Netflix and had to take a bit of a break after Episode 6. Honestly, I am only watching it because it's trending. This is not really my kind of series as I walk away from each episode feeling a little depressed and frankly stressed! I have been watching the episodes at work while I work on Lego and don't know if I want to pick it up again because I always feel like I am on the edge of my seat every episode! I am so close to finishing though and it would just be nice to check it off my to do list as I plan on doing Squid Game nails next week! 

Cirque Colors One Night Stand Swatch

Press sample

Today's swatch is reminiscent of summer with Cirque Colors One Night Stand from the 2017 Vice Collection and is the neon blue of blues. It dries down matte, but I applied a top coat to make it shiny. This collection is my summer saviour and is my go-to for neon shades. If you are ever looking for solid and opaque in 1-2 coat neons, Cirque's Vice Collection is a MUST! 

Cirque Colors One Night Stand Swatch

I also started reading the book Stiff by Mary Roach which is a non-fiction book about cadavers and their role in history and studies today in things like crash tests. Let's just say that as interesting as this book is, even for someone like myself who is not THAT squeamish, I cannot read this book while I am eating. I am learning so much, but my husband is more easily grossed out and cannot hear anymore about how people study decaying bodies in open fields by looking at the soil content and the stage of maggots growing on the body. Again, VERY interesting book, but hard to swallow. Pun intended.

Cirque Colors One Night Stand Swatch

And that's it for me when it comes to what has been going on! My TMJ is still acting up though not as painful as last week, but I am trying to find some good exercises to do to loosen things up. Do any of you grind in your sleep and need to wear a mouthguard? I do and it has saved my teeth, but not really reduced the pain in my jaw. Let me know!

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