SHEET MASK | Steambase Black Sugar Intensive Recovery Mask

I didn't realize I had taken a week long absence from the blog until I realized it was Friday (my 10 year blogaversary) and I hadn't posted anything since CBBxManiMonday! I guess I am still recovering a little bit from the week before and I have just been wanting to take a bit more time for myself. Lately, I have taken on Diamond Painting as a new hobby! It's like paint-by-numbers, but with these little coloured studs or "diamonds" that are individually placed onto a sticky canvas. Kills your neck, back and eyes so make sure you do small sections and have plenty of light!

Steambase Black Sugar Intensive Recovery Mask
Purchased by me

I feel like I just talked about Korean skincare brand Steambase, but I checked and it has actually been three months! Summer just FLEW by! Today's mask is part of the shopping spree I did at YesStyle in November 2020 and is one that got my attention because it's multi-stepper! The Black Sugar Recovery Mask starts with an exfoliating black sugar essence which acts as a mild chemical peel, followed by the actual sheet mask which has 4 different molecular weight of hyaluronic acid for multi-level strateum corneum hydration! The final step is a black sugar eye cream which seals in all of the moisture!

Steambase Black Sugar Intensive Recovery Mask

I completely forgot to take a photo of the little black sugar peel pad before trashing it, but you can see from my IG Story screenshot that it is a little textured mitt big enough for two fingers that you just swipe all over the face. This mitt had tons of essence on it so in addition to my face, I was also able to use it all over my chest and décolleté. No stinging either!

Steambase Black Sugar Intensive Recovery Mask

The sheet mask itself is made of 100% cellulose fibers that are no more than 0.1mm thick! These nano fibers are highly absorbent while also fitting to the skin extremely well. I can attest to the mask being highly absorbent as it was quite heavy when I took it out of the packet, but there was no essence dripping down my neck. The only thing I really didn't like was the fit of the mouth area as it was merely a single slit making it look like I was very "tight-lipped" the whole time!

There was quite a bit of eye cream in the packet so I decided to use it as an all over facial moisturizer which was very pleasant, but it took an incredibly long time to massage into the skin and for a few seconds my face was completely white! I still have enough left over to my face one more time!

Steambase Black Sugar Intensive Recovery Mask

Mask Summary:

Price: ~$8 CDN

Skin concerns: Exfoliation, moisturizing

Scent: Like caramelized sugar

Essence Type: Light brown, viscous

Duration: 20 minutes

Thickness: Thin - sheet material was almost clear and you could see my skin

Mask Fit: Very good except for the mouth area which was just a single slit...

Tackiness: Not tacky, but the essence took a realllllly long time to absorb!

Hydration: Really moisturizing!

Other notes: A lot essence with the mask dripping when I took it out of the bag! Eye cream took a really long time to massage in. At one point my face was white because there was so much in the packet that I used it as face cream!

Steambase Black Sugar Intensive Recovery Mask

Final verdict: I enjoyed the mask and even though it was pretty intense on the hydration I think if I had masked earlier in the night, I would have been fine for bed because when I woke up I noticed my skin had a super soft and smooth finish! I am willing to forgive the super thin mouth area as the results far exceeded the slight discomfort of 20 minutes of "resting bitch face". It is on the pricier side for a sheet mask, but keep in mind you are getting a peel and a moisturizer too. Steambase is continues to impress and I look forward to sharing more from this brand with you!

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