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OPI Infinite Shine Don't Wait. Create. Swatch
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I haven't been good about doing "Five on Friday" posts and maybe it's time to start again because I have allowed myself to let everything go since Hugo died almost 2 months ago. These last few days, things have started to feel fresh again and it has brought me back to those moments of aching sadness where I just cannot believe he is gone. Harper is lonely now, it is evident in the change in her behaviour so we have started poking around local shelters to see if there might be a suitable cat buddy for her. Preferably a younger male kitty who can keep her on her toes as she likes to play and chase. The search is something that makes me feel sad, but at the same time I feel like having a second cat in the house will help us move forward with our grief. 

The shade "Don't Wait. Create" was the FIRST time I had painted my nails since Hugo got sick and I didn't bother with any nail art. I only wore this shade because I was going out for afternoon tea with a friend and I wanted to at least look put together. Having nail polish on is one of those things that is a huge indicator of where I am at mentally. If my nails are chipped or unpainted, I am probably stressed! Painting them can at least hide it. It was a gorgeous shade, just like the rest of the shades in the OPI Power of Hue summer collection, and at least made me feel somewhat human the week after it all went down.

At this point, I am in a space where I feel like anything could be taken away at any time so I need to enjoy it all. I need to pet Harper all the time and spend time with my husband and enjoy it whenever I can. I also keep feeling like I can't plan for the future because things "could happen", but I know I can't think that way. Life moves on and I need to go along with the ebb and flow of the universe. Grief is so weird and uncomfortable. I feel like I do have some level of closure with Hugo after researching what could have happened and looking back on some of his health scares (an upset stomach here and there) so now I am just left with finding ways to remember him and feeling sad when it comes. I no longer minimize my grief by saying "he was just a cat", but I allow myself to acknowledge that he was a member of our family who had a routine just like us and loved his life with us. I have a few things planned to honour him, but the first thing I did was make a donation to VOKRA (the shelter we got him from) in his name. It only seemed fitting. I did the same when Hemingway, Hugo's foster brother, died a week before my birthday in 2019. I had one of those Facebook fundraisers and I think about $350 went to VOKRA. I smile at the thought of them playing together now as Hemingway LOVED Hugo so much. Hugo was always annoyed at the attention.

OPI Infinite Shine Don't Wait. Create. Swatch

How do you see your pets? Do you see them as members of the family? Have you ever lost a furry friend suddenly and how did you cope? 

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