NAILS | F$#@ You! #MidWeekMani

Profanity Nail Art

Today is the last day of being in my 30s so I figured this set of nails would be a fitting way to bid adieu to one decade of my life to welcome another. This is actually from a guest post that I did from from nine years ago for someone else's blog, but they shut down their blog years ago and so these photos were lost with it and never to be seen on the Internet again...until now! At the time, I was too embarrassed to post these photos and I remember taking my nails off right away, but almost a decade later, it seems a shame not to post these perfectly pink F You nails today!

I don't really remember what I used as my base colour, but I remember wanting to pair off the "aggressive tone" with the softest, most powdery pink polish possible. I have a feeling it is from OPI as I know the satin gold tip is OPI's LOVE.ANGEL.MUSIC.BABY from Gwen Stefani's collection.

Profanity Nail Art

Off to enjoy the sun and being 39 for the last day!

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