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While I used to think that facials and massages were only for special occasions, once I started having a more stable income, I realized that spa treatments were both a mental and physical therapy session for me. They reset my body and help me to recharge to survive another work week or give my skin its glow again! A few weeks ago, I was invited to experience the Calm and Glow Spa Package at the newest Sabai Thai Spa location in Metrotown and I could not say no!

I had not been to the Sabai Thai Spa in a few years, but I remembered that their massages in particular were quite outstanding! The Metrotown location is extremely easy to get to via transit as it is right on Kingsway across from the mall. 

Someone was at the front to greet me right away and because I was so early (I was scared I would get lost because I am awful with directions!) I waited a few minutes for my room to be ready. While I was waiting, I noticed that Sabai Thai Spa has their own branded products. The last time I went, they only carried Eminence so this was a pleasant surprise! I would have purchased some skincare, but I'm currently "fully stocked" so I figured I would book another treatment in the future instead! 

Immediately what I noticed was how quiet and serene the environment was. For those of you who are familiar with the Metrotown area, you know that this is a busy area so being able to feel like you have been transported into a land of peace and tranquility is quite the feat!

About 5 minutes later, I was told my room and esthetician were both ready and that I could head on in! What's nice is that you now fill in the in-take form online well before your appointment compared to the "olden days" where you had to fill it out on a clipboard in person before your appointment. When you want to relax, you want to get in there as quickly as possible to RELAX!

The Calm and Glow Spa Package ($299) is a 75 minute treatment that is described as "an ultimate pampering experience for your skin and body. Melt and de-stress from your daily stressors with our calm and therapeutic anti-stress aromatherapy massage, followed by a scalp, neck, and back massage with our new Sabai Essentials Tension Balm to promote a cool and calming effect. Our Glowing Facial promote elastin growth to repair unwanted wrinkles and signs of aging, adding a youthful glow back to your skin. This is truly a getaway you cannot miss."

The massage portion is a whopping 60 minutes with a quick 15 minute facial (no extractions) complete with exfoliation and facial massage. Before I went into the room, I was asked whether I wanted lemongrass, lavender or eucalyptus as my aromatherapy enhancement (what you breathe in at the beginning of the session). I love all three scents, but was feeling a little citrusey and eucalyptus so I got a combination of the two which apparently was something that wasn't done before and it smelled wonderful!

The massage started off with a super minty tension balm which I was warned would be very minty on the skin, but thankfully I LOVE this type of sensation! The scent, the tingling all of it was just divine and eased any muscle tension instantly as it was being massaged into my neck and upper back!

The massage was a fully body massage, but I had indicated on my intake form to focus on my upper back and legs. I usually opt for deep pressure for massages, but it actually ended up being a bit too much for me and I had to ask for medium pressure mid-way. It was a first for me to make that request so if you like "good pain", this is the place for you! I even got my toes cracked! All in all, my whole body felt very loose and limber after the massage!

As you can see, even with just 15 minutes for a facial, I was glowing and bright when I got home! The facial was a basic cleanse, exfoliation, toner, serum and moisturizer routine with a lip balm to finish. Once the session was over, I was told to take my time getting up and offered water at the front. Like I said, if you are looking for a realllly good massage, the Sabai Thai Spa has always had some really good packages and of course, firm pressure! I found the staff super professional, friendly and personable to the point where we had a few giggles, but they also knew when to let me have some quiet time to relax. If you are looking for some quiet and relaxation with pleasant staff who know how to be "just the right amount of social" in a spa environment, come check out the new Metrotown location!

Thank you again to the staff at Sabai Thai Spa Metrotown! If you would like to experience a spa package, Sabai Thai Spa has great promotions on check them out here (non-affiliate) to see what you would like to try AND save an ADDITIONAL 5% using the code JAYNE5*! 

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