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Swap #2 with Sian from the UK | Get Ready to Shield Your Eyes from Awesomeness!

I think this will be my last swap for awhile as I have just WAY too much product now and need some time (a few millennia) to get through it all! This is my second time swapping with the lovely Sian and took about 4 months to make it to me! The box was pretty destroyed by the time I got it into my hands and weighed quite a bit! Sian always gets the best stuff and is always so thoughtful when it comes to what she chooses for me so when it comes to swaps, I totally trust her!

She knows I’m in love with Hello Kitty so look what she found!



Nail polishes and nail file!


Make up brushes!


What’s inside the makeup bag? Eye shadow palette, lip gloss and lip balm in the cutest packaging!


Inside the eye shadow palette.



Nailgasm about to begin…


I actually own NONE of these colours! How did you do it Sian? Winking smile





One of the few things that I had specifically asked for was the Neal Yard’s Bee Lovely Hand Cream which Sian was able to track down for me so thank you!



The magnet is on my fridge now!


Wasn’t this just such a freakin’ amazing swap? I only hope that I got Sian equally awesome things! There are so many wonderful products here, I don’t know where to begin!

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