Swatch It Up | Revlon Parfumerie–Italian Leather

When I first saw the Revlon Parfumerie collection released in the US, I figured it was another collection that we Canadians would be deprived of yet again, but when I asked Revlon on Twitter whether these would be available in Canada and they said yes, I was elated! I have been dying for this collection to show up since last month and when I finally spotted a fresh new display at London Drugs a few days ago, I was literally shaking with excitement! The bottles are absolutely adorable and the scents and colours look spectacular!


The very first colour that I had to try on was Italian Leather as my curiosity was peaked by how Revlon managed to package the scent of leather into a polish. Just to let everyone know, the scent only appears once the polish has dried, so don’t go sniffing the actual polish from the bottle!

Disappointingly, it smells sweet, almost like candy. Maybe Italian leather smells different from regular leather? Even though the scent wasn’t quite right, the formula and colour are to die for! What I’m wearing is 2 coats that applied just BEAUTIFULLY!



I had a very hard time separating my love for the scent and the colour and had to force myself to not get colours that I wouldn’t wear or already have. I would love to have the whole collection for the sake of completion, but I’ve got to have SOME self-control right?

This is a limited edition collection, so don’t miss out!

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