Wantable Box | September Makeup Box (Non-PR Version)

You’re not experiencing deja vu nor have I forgotten that I have already posted about my September Wantable Box, but today I just thought I’d share with you my non-PR Wantable Box. I have already been a subscriber of Wantable since their debut in Canada earlier this year and was curious to see if a regular subscriber box would be any different than a PR box. I used two different email addresses for sign up so I am fairly certain now that the PR box I received is a fair depiction of what any subscriber would receive in their box. The non-PR version was just as awesome and I only received one duplicate product!


Lise Watier | Haute Lumiere High Shine Lip Gloss in DaylightDSC_0015

This formula offers extreme shine with absolute comfort and moisture. Plus a non-sticky texture and extraordinary lip adherence.

Thoughts: I have a couple of these lip glosses and I think they’re great! The cap lights up which is gimmicky, but actually has come in handy when applying product in dim areas. This is a non –sticky gloss and is something I use over top lipstick to give my lips a boost of shine! Daylight is a wonderful colour for anyone!

I received: 6mL/$22.00

Be a Bombshell | Blush in Blind DateDSC_0019

This warm coral is universally flattering on every skin tone and will instantly brighten any look.

Thoughts: This is a beautiful, buttery soft blush that I cannot wait to try! I feel like this is more of a spring/summer blush because of how it swatches on me, but it might just be too nice to pass up!

I received: 4g/$16.00

Swagger Cosmetics | Highlighting Powder in Rad BitchDSC_0014

Completely translucent red/pink glitter that is gorgeous as a highlighter or over blush.

Thoughts: I have never received a full sized Swagger product before and this iridescent glitter looks gorgeous! Perfect for the holidays or in my life, ANYTIME!

I received: 1 pot/$14.50

Michael Marcus | Eye Shadow in SecretDSC_0345

Our superb eye shadows offer incredible staying power and strong blendable pigments.

Thoughts: I love the fact that the compacts are refillable and have a magnetic base. The colour I received is also beautifully pigmented although not the softest eye shadow I've used.

I received: 1 eye shadow/$24.00

LAQA & CO. | Nail Polish in BlurpleDSC_0016

Only the bestest deep purple, perfect for edgy nails.

Thoughts: Outer packaging is very cool and when I had a look at the website, it looks like there are different designers involved in the packaging of each box. Of course, we don’t keep the boxes so the design gets lost, but for first impressions I was quite pleased! The colour is a gorgeously rich red which I will have to show off in a full swatch! It’s just that pretty! The downside is that when I went to the website to inquire about ordering more, ordering just three polishes costs us Canadians $20 to ship…

I received: 9mL/$11.00

Lise Watier | Ombre Souffle Supreme Sample


An exceptionally creamy mousse texture combined with antioxidant, anti-aging properties of our exclusive Labrador Tea extract. Easily applied with the fingertips, its long-lasting formula gives the eyelids an iridescent look.

Thoughts: Ooooh, I have been totally wanting to try these! These shadows have a whipped texture and are shimmery in finish. The sample may be small, but I think the two colours they supplied will be enough for me to determine whether I love them or not!

Total Value of September Non-PR Box: $87.50

I found the two boxes to be very similar in product selection and value so it’s good to know that Wantable played fair when it came to sending out PR boxes!

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