Petit Vour | A New Subscription Vegan Box for Me! October 2013 Edition

After saying goodbye to Glymm, Glossybox and most recently Seasonsbox, I thought that maybe I could treat myself to one more subscription box. After discovering Petit Vour through My Subscription Addiction (don’t look here EVER if you think you might waver in willpower!) I knew this was the next subscription to try as it is a vegan-friendly beauty box! Now, I am not a vegan, but the idea of having a beauty box with cruelty-free products really intrigued me so I figured for $25/month, I’d give it a try.

Petit Vour was created by Madeline Alcott and is available for US subscribers as a monthly ($15), 3 month ($45) and 6 month ($90) subscription. If you’re a Canadian subscriber, the choice is easy. You get one choice and that’s an auto-renewing monthly subscription for $25/month. Shipping is FREE in all cases!

Like most beauty box subscriptions, there is also a reward system where 50 PV points can be earned with each monthly survey. At 1500 PV points, you will receive a FREE Petit Vour box so I think it might be awhile for me! You do get 300 PV points for referring friends, but I’ve come not to rely on points anymore as both Glymm and Glossybox screwed subscribers out of their points in the end. I now just focus on the actual products that I receive!








Tallulah Jane | Aiyana Natural Eau de ParfumDSC_0095

Pure Moroccan Rose delicately balanced with notes of vanilla and rock rose which are brightened with a fleeting scent of Italian Lemon. 100% natural essential oils and absolutes are blended in organic grape alcohol and presented in 1 ounce spray bottles.

Thoughts: Wow. What a truly unique scent. I am wearing it as we speak and I want to both eat and bathe in this scent. It’s delectable and very exotic at the same time. It’s something I would recommend getting a smaller size to try though since the scent is so different. I did not expect to like this at all!

Full size: 30mL/$48.00

I received: 1mL/$1.60

The Elixery | Lipstick in DeviousDSC_0097

Uniquely formulated, compounded from scratch and hand-poured using only the finest raw materials.

Thoughts: I am very intrigued by this company as they make all of their products in-house in a vintage laboratory in Minneapolis! They know exactly what goes into each of their products and hold all of their suppliers accountable to the same standards they have for themselves which is quite the statement to make! I am DEFINITELY going to look into this company more! This colour is a little bit dark for me, but the formula is really nice and smells natural which is something you definitely don’t get to experience a lot of!

Full size: 3.4g/$18.00

I received: *FULL SIZE*

Ally’s AromaRemedies | Signature Massage Oil in Mellow MelodyDSC_0099

A powerful remedy blended with de-stress and detox essential oils for body purification, circulation, shaping and relaxation.

Thoughts: This is an essential oil blend of lavender, neroli and palmerosa which I probably won’t use for massaging to be honest! I have a diffuser so I will probably be dropping a few drops of this blend in and let the scent permeate through my apartment.

Full size: 120mL/$48.00

I received: 30mL/$12.00

Root Science | Pure Balance Daily Facial MoisturizerDSC_0100

Organic daily facial moisturizer that will maintain a natural and beautiful complexion without any harsh chemicals, toxins and synthetic preservatives.

Thoughts: It smells awful, but in one of those “natural, good for you” ways! This is a facial oil which is quite popular now and I do use them on occasion, but for some reason I always go back to a cream moisturizer. Maybe I can’t get used to the idea of putting actual oil on my face?

Full size: 30mL/$59.00

I received: 7.5mL/$14.75

Total Value of October Petit Vour: $46.35

This was the most exciting beauty box I have received, but the novelty of having a vegan, cruelty-free beauty subscription is still very interesting to me so I will give Petit Vour a 3-6 month timeframe before I decide to keep it or not. My favourite product in October’s box would have to be The Elixery lipstick as I love learning about companies like it. I have a feeling I will learn of a whole new set of companies through Petit Vour which is part of the reason for my signing up.

For anyone looking for a vegan, cruelty-free beauty subscription box head on over to Petit Vour and try it out!

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