L’Occitane | Glam Holiday Party Survival Kit

Last Thursday, L’Occitane had their (I believe annual?) Glam Holiday Party where all regularly priced merchandise is 20% off and as always, there is a gift with purchase! I can’t show you guys the items I picked up as they are Christmas gifts, but I thought the gift with purchase was so cute that I had to share! This year’s theme centered around how to survive the holidays which is definitely on my mind right now! The holidays petrify me and all I can think about is how overwhelming it always ends up feeling! Let’s see if this little kit will help me to emerge unscathed!



Shea Butter Hand Cream (30mL)

A full size of one of my favourite hand creams! Ever since I started painting my nails, a good hand cream is a must and in addition to my Cake hand creams, L’Occitane hand creams are an absolute MUST for me!

Amande Shower Oil (35mL)

Best shower oil ever! It smells so good and leaves your skin feeling soft and lightly scented. I can’t praise this product enough!

Verbena Eau de Toilette Verveine (10mL)

I love the scent of Verbena and wanted to try the fragrance, but wasn’t sure if I wanted a huge bottle. This little guy is perfect and smells so refreshing. It might not be quite the right scent for winter, but it’s mouth-wateringly amazing!

Magic Key – Press Tub

This is my FAVOURITE product in this survival kit! I think this is the coolest gadget and I know I could have gotten a plastic one for like $0.99, but having a metal one for my metal-tubed hand creams has me psyched!

Fleur d'Or & Acacia Lip Gloss (15mL)

This is a new scent for L’Occitane this season and smells florally sweet? It is scented with mimosa absolute and has a golden glossy shimmer that’s perfect for the holidays!

Did anyone else go shopping at L’Occitane last week?

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