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NAILS | Black Widow Spiders #Halloween

Three sets of nails in one week is a lot even for me, but I am determined to go FULL Halloween before it becomes all about reindeer, glitter and Christmas trees. I should do religious nails this year since it's also about Jesus too, right? When I was asking people what sort of nails they wanted to see, someone suggested spiderwebs. Spiderwebs aren't any fun without spiders so I included the scary female black widow too. I know the red hourglass shape is really supposed to be on her belly, but this spider wouldn't look quite as fun if she were belly up because I think that would mean that she's dead...

Halloween Black Widow Spider Nail Art

For my black base, I started off with two coats of OPI - Never Have Too Mani Friends!* and then used white acrylic paint to hand draw the spiderwebs. I wanted my spiders to show up well on my nails, so I used two coats of OPI Infinite Shine - Non Stop White* and then black and red acrylic paint to draw the spiders and the other web on my thumb. A thin dotting tool dipped in white polish finished off the Widow's eyes. I prefer using polish instead of acrylic paint for dots as the result is more circular.

Halloween Black Widow Spider Nail Art

I added a little bit of glitter to the white nails in the form of Quo by Orly - Falling Star and then sealed everything in with a nice, glossy top coat! As Emeril would say, BAM! You're done!

Halloween Black Widow Spider Nail Art

Plans for the weekend?

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