Review–Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick


I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Unfortunately, my staycation is officially over as of this Sunday, but I guess I’d better go back to work to feed the makeup habit!

Today I’ve got the new Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural Collection to share with you that was just released last month in Sephora stores across Canada! I’m more familiar with MUFE’s cream eye shadows than I am with their lip products so I had some high expectations for this new collection! These lipsticks boast a smooth and effortlessly gliding texture and promise maximum hydration all thanks to the inclusion of cupuaçu butter, candelilla and beeswax in its formulation.

There are three finishes in this collection: satin, iridescent and diamond. I got N23 – Diamond Baby Pink ($22) and N20 – Iridescent Pink Gold, both of which are very versatile everyday shades.









These lipsticks are also really great for layering because of the different finishes they all have, so I gave that a try too! I came out with something not quite as frosty as N23, but a bit bolder in colour than N20! I like it!



Packaging: Sleek and luxurious. You really feel like you have “grown up” makeup when you have these lipsticks!

Formula: No surprise here, but both lipsticks were very smooth and silky upon application. N23 was a little bit more gritty in texture thanks to the bits of glitter inside. I usually like to wear a balm underneath or gloss on top when wearing lipstick, but I didn’t need to with either of these! I didn’t feel dry at all and felt happy just wearing them as is.

So, the scientist in me always likes to look into why certain ingredients set a particular product apart from the others. In the case of the Rouge Artist Natural lipsticks, it is the use of cupuaçu butter which comes from the seeds of the cupuaçu fruit found in the rainforest. Interesting fact, cupuaçu is actually in the same genus family as cocoa! So, it has to be awesome, right?! It’s an alternative to the use of lanolin which, in human usage, comes from the sebaceous glands of sheep…yum. Cupuaçu butter also has very similar hydration properties to cocoa butter so imagine this on your lips!

Final Verdict: I love the fact that I can take advantage of the layering effects of this new MUFE collection and that there are so many colours and finishes to choose from (50 of them)! You can also slowly build up the colour to go from the look of a tinted balm to the intensity of a lipstick to match your comfort level. I think I might have to grab a satin finish and see what that’s like along with possibly a few other more intense colours. I think these are definitely worth getting if you don’t already own something in an iridescent or diamond finish. The $22 price point is also not bad considering the versatility of the product.


Has anyone tried this new MUFE collection yet? What did you think?



  1. Beautiful colours!! And the packaging is amazing. I always love when you break down makeup using your science degree!

    Side note: your pictures are stunning.. they have always been beautiful and when I opened this post I was like WOW! Great work:)


    1. LOL, it's nice to know that my geekery interests you! I get so tempted to go into more detail, but then I realize I'm not writing a lab report! Thank you for the comment on my pictures! You should SEE what I use to take them. It's ghetto!

  2. very lovely colours and it sounds like a great product! I love their packaging as well :)

  3. i loooove MUFE! N20 is currently on my to buy list! and now i can't wait to get my hands on that lippie! thanks for the review!

    1. I loved N20 so much that I had to wear it to work today!

  4. I'm loving N20, looks great on you!

  5. These two are lovely on you! I recently purchased 2 of these and I love them! I love their packaging too :D

    1. Thank you :-) I have been loving these colours so much!

  6. haha apparently i had this page opened on a tab and a comment written but forgot to press publish.. oops!
    anyways, these are pretty pinks! i like how you mentioned that it could be used for layering due to the different finishes :) i'd like to try that on my diamond pink one!

    1. I do that too sometimes and forget to press PUBLISH! Too many blogs to read! You should totally try out some layering! In the press release it said layering was a feature of these lipsticks so I knew I had to try it out!