Review: Have a Holographic Holiday with Make Up For Ever’s Holodiam Collection!

The holiday season is all about sparkles and glitter and it’s probably the only time of the year where I feel comfortable wearing glitter during the day and where I almost expect others to do the same! I work glitter into even my daily eye makeup at work so I was quite excited to see Make Up For Ever’s holiday release of the new Holodiam Collection which consists of two holographic glitter powders and a set of sparkly gold faux lashes to complete your holiday glam look. Today I have a review for both of these holographic powders in the shades #302 and #303.


Holodiam Powder #302 (white bg, aerial view)1Holodiam Powder #303 (white bg, aerial view)1Holodiam Faux Lash (white bg)22




Holodiam Powder Shade #303


#303; #303 & Urban Decay – Blackout; #303 & MUFE  Aqua Cream –#26


Holodiam powder #303 has a pearlescent shimmer that can be used on the brow bone as a highlighter or on top of eye shadow. You can see that #303 has much more of an effect with a cream base or primer underneath. Powder eye shadow doesn’t do this shimmer justice!

Holodiam Powder #302


#302; #302 & Urban Decay – Blackout; #302 & Urban Decay- Juju


Holodiam powder #302 has a berry-toned shimmer which I thought looked amazing over brown. Juju is a cream pencil eye shadow so again you can see how much better #302 looks when applied over top. 

#303 in an eye makeup look with close-up



Packaging: Little plastic square sifter jars with screw caps.

Formula: I thought the Holodiam powders would actually be much more coarse like the NYX glitter powders, but they were surprisingly fine and easy to work with as the shimmer wasn’t flying everywhere upon application. As I mentioned above, these should be applied over top a primer or cream eye shadow as they adhere and showcase their iridescent properties more easily. I have been using #302 to line my eyes and all I use is an eyeliner brush, dip it straight into the powder and start dabbing along my lids. It holds all day (like a day of work plus a Christmas party = 13 hours!) and gives my eyes a fun little bit of sparkle. They can also be applied wet or dry.

Final Verdict: I think every girl should have one glitter powder for layering over eye shadow, but these guys are quite pricey at $28 each for just 1g of product. Honestly, I thought there would be around 5g of product in these jars for the price so just based on the price alone, I probably wouldn’t buy them, but as for quality, these Holodiam powders are very easy and versatile to work with as they can be used on the eyes, lips, face and nails. So, my final verdict is that the Holodiam powders are another great product that I have found myself using frequently since I have gotten it, but the only thing that would leave me hesitant is price point.


All products available at SEPHORA stores and the MAKE UP FOR EVER Boutique.


  1. ohhh pretty jayne!
    303 is also pretty! and yes they are quite pricey.
    im surprised how the glitter doesn't get everywhere on my face too

  2. Hmmm...impressive. I wanna try this out. Seeing it on you made me want to try it out. It looks so good. You def look beautiful.

    1. Aww, thank you! It's just a nice touch of sparkle that lasts!

  3. Ooo very nice! I just love Makeup Forever products.!!

    1. Me too! I've been pretty impressed by their products this year!

  4. love this so festive :D

  5. That's gorgeous! If I wore eye-shadow I would def consider picking these up

  6. these are so pretty! i like 302 a lot... :)

    1. I find that I wear 302 a lot more than 303. It's just more interesting to wear.

  7. So pretty! I like how it looks on your eyes :)

    1. Aww, thank you! I should have probably used it as an eye shadow, but I thought the liner method would show off how it can be used in a more everyday way.