Swap Time with Michal from Israel!

Oooh, this is probably one of the more “exotic” swaps I’ve done because I truly had no clue what was available in Israel except for one of my favourite brands Ahava, so Michal and I just messaged our likes and dislikes to each other, set a budget of around $50 (I ended up going over which always seems to happen) and off we went!




I mentioned that I LOVED nail polishes so Michal included a good array of colours including a gorgeous glittery purple by PUPA which is a brand I have been wanting to try. You can see that the Careline polish leaked a little in transit, but that sort of thing is a possibility when it’s coming all the way from Israel!


The Laline body cream smells amazing! I am loving the scent almost as much as I love  Ahava. The Ahava Hydrations Cream Mask is a product I haven’t tried from the line yet, so I am excited to see what the mask does for my skin.


Next, it’s a random assortment of goodies like tissues that look like dollar bills, a vanilla bath fizzy, some powder puffs, two packages of paper soap and little pop out brush and comb set.


Here we see some nail items like assorted colours of glitter, OPI Cuticle Revitalizer Oil and a nail buffer, which I unfortunately know I will not use…I’m a glass file and emery board girl!


Next, are two sheets of tattoos, Jesse’s Girl and Eve Cosmetics eyeshadows and a Classic Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner in Black.


Finally, some samples all packaged up in a cute little, yellow Hello Kitty bag which has gone straight into my purse to hold my lippies.


And that’s my swap! I have two other swap posts coming, but I think that will be it for awhile. I had three going at the same time and it just got expensive and almost a little bit stressful keeping track of everyone’s likes/dislikes. I love being able to focus on one person at a time instead of having my attention and resources divided multiple ways. Stay tuned for the other two swaps which are pretty awesome!!


  1. I like seeing swaps to see what is available from other countries! It's fascinating!
    Sometimes my clients send me goodies from overseas and I am always intrigued by the packaging of the items they send

    I am looking forward to your other swaps!

    1. I relish in the packaging as well! My favourite swaps are the ones from Japan though. Japanese packaging is hands-down the best!

  2. oh neat! an international swap must be so much fun. i like the candy/carebear thingy. :)

    1. They are totally fun! I love seeing what other beauty lovers use around the world.

  3. Such an awesome swap! These seem so exciting :D

  4. Hey, I am so happy that I found your blog! I am also living in Vancouver. If you are interested in more PUPA stuff, you can find it in Rexall drug stores. I am not sure if all of them carry these cosmetics but the one in so called Europa Place for sure. This on Stadium-Chinatown skytrain station. Hope I could help :)

    1. You're in VanCity too? Cool!
      Thank you for the tip on PUPA, I will have have to go to Rexall and check it out!

  5. ooooh thats really amazing, nice box :) i'd love to make a swap with you and you'll have a chance to try Moroccan treasures :p

    1. I'd love to do a swap with you as well! I'll email you!