November 2012 Beauty Box 5

Does anyone else feel like Christmas is coming quite quickly now?! I’ve been working a lot the last few weeks and the next day I truly have off is Christmas so I am looking forward to it! November’s BB5 was one that I enjoyed mainly because there was something for my lips, eyes, face and hair.


Swagger Eye Shadow


Created by quirky and fierce makeup artist, Blake Karamazov, these lovely little pots of glittery goodness are 100% vegan and NEVER tested on animals.

Thoughts: I know blue can be scary, but ever since I started blogging, I embrace all of the colours! I love the shimmer and I’m happy I received a dark blue shade. If it had been more like a baby blue, I don’t know if I’d be able to wear it quite as comfortably.

Full size: 5g/$9.50

I received: 2g/$3.80

Envie De Neuf Eye Mask


Younger looking eyes are just minutes away with this power-packed anti-aging eye mask. It reduces dark circles, relaxes wrinkles, stimulates cell turnover, increases skin’s elasticity and oh-so much more!

Thoughts: Some of you know what a face mask whore I am, so when I saw these eye masks I was practically salivating! I cannot wait to try these!

Full size: 10 sachets/$30.00

I received: 1 sachet/$3.00

Global Goddess Coconut Hair Treatment


With ingredients like coconut oil, grape seed and vitamin A, this revitalizing hair treatment will give you the to-die-for shine goddess hair you’ve been lusting after!

Thoughts: I am also excited to try this as it seems like a slightly different hair mask than what I’m used to. The instructions say to leave this on for 30 minutes before shampoo and conditioner or even overnight! I really wonder what my hair will look like then!

Full size: 6 oz/$20.99

I received: 0.34oz/$1.19

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion


One of the most recommended products for sensitive skin (and every other skin for that matter), this mild, non-irritating moisturizer is oil-free, non-greasy, fragrance-free and packed with humectants that bind moisture to your delicate skin.

Thoughts: I’ve never tried Cetaphil and I’ve always thought this line was for people with more problematic skin. This has no smell at all and feels quite light on the skin. I don’t think this will be enough for my skin right now, but it might be ok when the air gets less dry.

Full size: 8oz/$8.99

I received: 1oz/$1.12

ModelCo Lip Shine in Strip Tease


This non-sticky, highly reflective, shimmering gloss looks great alone or over your favourite lipstick and leaves your lips looking luscious with long-lasting shine.

Thoughts: A lot of us have already a ModelCo lipgloss from our October Glossybox so I guess ModelCo had lots of samples to provide! The colour I received is very neutral and would look great on anyone. This one smells like strawberries unlike the one I received in my Glossybox that smelled almost otherworldly…

Full size: 0.14oz/$16.00

I received: *FULL SIZE*

Total Value of Beauty Box 5: $25.11

BB5 has never claimed that their boxes will provide “deluxe” sized samples which is why for the most part, I’m usually happy with what I receive. There is almost always one full sized product in each box, but if there isn’t, that’s ok too. I think the reason why I was so disappointed with Luxe Box before they switched to quarterly boxes and Glymm was because they made promises they couldn’t keep. I feel like BB5 keeps it simple and the last four months with them have been enjoyable. I know that little sample packets are not what I wanted at first, but maybe it’s because I am just so flooded with samples now that smaller sizes are better for me right now!


  1. Interesting.... I received an email from them asking me to resubscribe because they were putting an Everyday Minerals Flat top brush into the December box, but it looks like you did not receive one. I chose not to resubscribe for now. The shimmery blue eyeshadow and the eye mask look interesting though :)

    1. This is the November box and I am still waiting for the December one so maybe the brush IS in there!

    2. Yikes. I must be going crazy from work haha I didn't even see the "November". In that case, I hope you receive a brush for December :D

  2. I like the product you received from Global Goddess! I got almost the same products as you, except for that one (mine is from the same brand but it's a face primer) and the eyeshadow colour (in my case it's a bronze-brown), which I really enjoy using; it's very pigmented!

    1. At first I wanted the brown eye shadow, but then I realized that I probably have a colour similar to it already!

  3. Great items :D I used to use Cetaphil...I kind of miss it lol

    1. Oh really? Then I will make it a "priority sample" to try! It seems like it's good for every part of the body?

  4. Love the color of the gloss, it's one that I would totally go for:)

  5. i agree that i totally do not mind smaller samples... full size products are way too overwhelming since i have so many products i still need to try! i really liked my first month of BB5 and i can't wait to receive my december box. we got the same shade of eyeshadow and i actually really like it!

    1. Glossybox tends to give all full size drugstore products and I am barely making a dent in them! I can't wait to receive my December box either! I hear we get a brush!

  6. I'm really jealous you got the blue shadow...I got a dark goldy one that I don't think I like.. :S