In Photos | “Find What You Love” Nail Art Workshops

This past weekend was the last of three nail art workshops at Metropolis at Metrotown and although they were long days, it really was a lot of fun seeing people from all ages and backgrounds show a genuine interest in wanting to try their hand at nail art! In the nail art community we take certain phrases for granted like in the first workshop we used the term “jelly sandwich” which led to some confused faces in the audiences! I also had to set aside my surprise when people asked me what Seche Vite was! There was one girl who had never painted her own nails, held up an emery board and asked me what it was! Oh, bless her heart!


L-R: Winnie, Angela, myself and Lindsay



Getting the rest of the Metropolis at Metrotown team ready by doing their nails!



The workstations!


Young girls coming in with their friends and doing each other’s nails! These two painted each other’s right hands since both of them couldn’t paint with their non-dominant hand! Now, THAT’S friendship!



Dads painting their daughters nails! Sweetest thing ever!


Fun picture courtesy of Winnie @ The Rawr Shop

I had a great time meeting local bloggers and teaching people something I love doing! I hope I get a chance to do it again!

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