Fortune Cookie Soap Box | Summer 2013 Edition

The Fortune Cookie Soap Box was a pleasant surprise as I never received any shipping notification and then out of nowhere it appeared at my door! What I love about this box is that along with being a beauty box, it is also a sneak peek for the new products that FCS will have for the upcoming season! I was very pleased with the Spring FCSB so I knew that Summer would not disappoint! I love that every box has a theme and that FCS comes up with the funniest names for their products!



1. Aquaholic Sea Salt Hair Spritz

With a light pina colada scent, textured hair sprays are all the rage this summer season and this is the perfect size for touch-ups at the beach as it doesn’t take up room in your beach bag that will undoubtedly be housing A LOT of other essentials!

2. “Do You Salsa or Mango?” OCD Hand Sanitizer

This hand sanitizer is scented with island mango and citrus lime with hints of chile and cilantro. It smells just as good as it sounds!

3. Body Shot Don’t be Jelly!

This is a jello soap that smells like raspberry lemonade…amazing! This is my FAVOURITE scent of the group and makes my mouth water!

4. “I Scream, You Scream” Sugar Scrub

This sugar scrub is scented with creamy vanilla, strawberries and chocolate ganache. Enough said. It smells DIVINE.

5. “Mother Pucker” Shower Steamer

Mmmm…I think this is like bath bomb and even with one sniff it clears my head. This is scented with a citrus fragrance and sweet almond oil.

6. “It’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere” Whipped Cream

This smells like a fruity cocktail, but in a body butter!

7. “Where the Sun Don’t Shine” Solid Sunscreen Stick

Seeing as how this is so small, I would only really use it on my face. I’m just imagining myself using it on my legs…the whole stick would be gone! This is scented with coconut and banana. Another yummy fragrance!

8. “One in a Melon” Fortune Cookie Soap

I look forward to one of these soaps as there is always one included in every FCSB. This one smells like a juicy watermelon and looks good enough to eat complete with little black seeds!

My nose is on sensory overload at this point as I love everything that I received !

The Fortune Cookie Soap Box is $28/quarter for Canadians which includes shipping. If you love bath products and sweet scents this is a wonderful subscription box to try out!

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