Oyatsu Cafe | Edible Japanese Goodies!

Living in Vancouver gives me access to a fair number of Japanese goodies, but there are definitely still items that I either have to really hunt down or when I do are quite expensive. A few weeks ago, I was reading a post from Elisa of Memorable Days about an online Japanese candy store called Oyatsu Cafe that had reasonable international shipping (it’s by weight so if you’re just getting candy, it should be quite light) and a good selection of those rare Japanese candies you might be looking for (i.e. Kracie Poppin’ Cooking sets!). For those of you who are unaware of this Japanese candy phenomenon, you HAVE to watch RRcherrypie’s YouTube channel! It will get to the point where once you hear the packaging rip, you’ll get excited! When I play her videos and my fiancé hears the *crackling* noise, he knows what’s coming!

Here are the goodies I picked up!



1. Passion fruit Kit Kats

These taste a little like pineapple to me, but they are good! There are 12 individually wrapped packages consisting of two bars each. Total novelty item that I don’t think I will get again. I just really wanted to know what they tasted like!

2. Cream Collon in Matcha Flavour

I have only tried these in vanilla and chocolate so when I saw matcha, I was again curious. If you haven’t tried these, they are a flakey cookie on the outside and creamy and whipped on the inside. They’re addictive and disappear very quickly!

3. Pocky in Cheese Cake Flavour

Everyone is familiar with Pocky sticks! The chocolate ones being the most popular. They come in a ridiculous number of flavours and I had high hopes for these, but they leaned more towards the cheese side of things as opposed to the cake side…oh well at least I know now.

4. Meiji Yogurt Caramel

Mmmm, I love caramels and as the description states, there is a yogurt flavour to them and they are yummy! They are creamy and you can’t stop at just one!


5. Gari-Gari Ice Towel

Apparently really great for hot summer days in Japan, I thought this might be fun to have around! I don’t think it’s edible though. Do I put it in the freezer? Someone who knows Japanese, tell me!

6. Kuru Kuru Cake Shop

To be honest, I don’t quite know what these are! I think they are gummies as I see fruit symbols on the packaging. It looks like I will have little pieces of lemon, strawberry and plum that I will wrap in another piece of gummy to make some sort of candy wrap. Sure sounds good, I can’t wait!

7. Neru Neru Nerune - Ramune Soda

I had posted on my Instagram that I was about to make this last week and as fun as it was, I couldn’t eat more than two spoonfuls because it was so sweet! I guess I’m not a kid anymore!


8. Mintia Mints (x4)

I love these mints so I picked up four different mint strengths. One is so strong, I actually had to leave it on the side of my mouth because it was VERY minty!

 Hope you enjoyed my little beauty break!

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