Ipsy Bag June 2013 | “On the Wild Side”

Compared to May’s Ipsy Bag, June’s is lacking in the excitement department. This is the Ipsy bag with the infamous glitter party palette. I had been reading reviews for this bag and this seemed to be the product that everyone was dreading due to its quality. Let’s see if I thought the same thing shall we?


Starlooks | Lip Pencil in TipsyDSC_0012

Thoughts: At first I thought the name of this colour was somewhat amusing as all I could think of was “Tipsy for Ipsy?” This is actually a very pretty coral colour, but I don’t use lip liner a lot so I’m not sure how much use this pencil will receive. I guess I could just use it as a full on lip colour since the colour is so pretty!

Full size: 2.4g/$12.00

I received: *FULL SIZE*

NYX Cosmetics | Cream Blush in NaturalDSC_0010

Thoughts: I have heard such wonderful things about NYX blushes that I actually was excited to try it. The colour I received is extremely neutral which I appreciate since I always tend to go overboard with cream blush colours!

Full size: 3.5g/$6.00

I received: *FULL SIZE*

J. Cat Beauty | Sparkling Cream Palette in SuzieDSC_0013

Thoughts: Oh my…what I found strange was that each colour was very dry and glittery on the top so you almost had to press down and mix the glitter with the cream underneath. It sticks very well on the finger, but when I tried to transfer the glitter to my skin, very little of it actually transferred over and it was quite patchy. Seeing as how this is safer as a body glitter I guess I could potentially mix it with body lotion so that the glitter actually stays on my skin.

Full size: 3g/$4.49

I received: *FULL SIZE*

Chella | Ivory Lace HighlighterDSC_0011

Thoughts: This pencil is super soft and is kind of peachy which I prefer for lining the waterline and making my eyes look more perky. I have a pink highlighter pencil which I didn’t really enjoy using because it just came out looking too white on me. This is the perfect colour as it is closer to being more natural-looking.

Full size: 1.4g/$18.00

I received: *FULL SIZE*

Freeman Beauty | Psssst! Dry ShampooDSC_0009

Thoughts: I love dry shampoo and have always wanted to try this brand since it’s not available where I live. There are so many brands of dry shampoo now, I don’t even know where to begin in my own stash!

Full size: 5.3oz/$6.99

I received: 1.76oz/$2.32


Total Value of June 2013 Ipsy Bag: $42.81

My favourite products for June would have to be the cream blush and the highlighter pencil. Other than that, I have either become immune to the excitement of all of the other products or they just weren’t that interesting. Do you any of you still enjoy these types of posts? If they’re getting boring, maybe I’ll limit it to just the boxes that are absolutely amazing? I just feel like unboxings can get a little repetitive and that I should have more reviews/nail posts instead. Let me know! I’d hate to think that I’m boring anyone!

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