June Empties

I actually didn’t go through too many products this month. I didn’t have the discipline last month I suppose. I was very much an emotional product user and kept changing my mind about what I wanted to use resulting in a very unimpressive number of empties. Oh well, it’s a new month now so hopefully I will have more things to show you guys next month!


1. MaskerAide Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask in Beauty Rest’ore (1 mask)Thumbs up

Acquired January 2013

I love MaskerAide masks and even though this one wasn’t necessarily my favourite of their selection, my face felt VERY hydrated after using this. This particular mask has a thicker, more dense essence that comes with it so if you have particularly dry skin, this will really feel good . I specifically remember enjoying this during my month of stress as there is lavender oil in the essence.

2. La Fresh Instant Body Smoother (1 wipe)Thumbs down

Acquired May 2013

I don’t understand these wipes really. They are meant to be wiped on any area of your body that feels fatigued (i.e. your legs, back of the neck, tense muscles), but when I used it well, yes it did smell minty, but it wasn’t very strong. When I wiped this on my skin, I just felt sort of sticky, like it left a residue. It would have been different if the mintiness penetrated sore muscles, but I’ve got my Escents Headache Stick for that!

3. Escents Aromatherapy Handmade Soap in Renewal (140g)Thumbs up

Acquired August 2012

I love Escents soaps and they have A LOT of scents to choose from so I’ve just been making my way through them. These soaps can be used on both the face and body and are made of coconut and canola oil with 100% essential oils. Definitely getting more of these!

4. Mandom Minnie Mouse Body Sheets (10 wipes)Thumbs down

Acquired August 2012

I got these in a swap with Nadine from Japan and unfortunately I just did not like scent. They were very powdery in scent and just not a scent I enjoyed…

5. La Fresh Travel-lite Antiperspirant Wipe for Women (1 wipe)Thinking smile

Acquired June 2013

I actually enjoyed using this as I did feel more fresh after using one. There have definitely been times where I have needed to be somewhere right after work and needed a quick “freshen up” so these will be perfect. These wipes are only a maybe for me just because of the price of the wipes compared to just carrying a deodorant stick.

6. Julep Rock Star Hand Cream (2g)Thumbs down

Acquired June 2013

I just wasn’t a fan of the scent and although the consistency was nice, I have other hand creams that I enjoy much more. Pass for me.

7. Pur Minerals Makeup Emulsifier (3.5mL)Thumbs down

Acquired 2012

Ugh, this was so greasy and uncomfortable. For a makeup remover, this certainly wasn’t my favourite. This is another pass for me.

8. Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Hair Mask (20g)Thumbs down

Acquired January 2013

What was weird about this hair mask was that my hair felt soft in the shower when I was rinsing it out, but that feeling only lasted until my hair was dry. Once my hair was dry, it felt dry and “untreated”. I think there are better hair masks out there so I will leave this one for now.


9. Lush Ocean Salt (120g)Thumbs up

Acquired May 2012

This is an amazing scrub and a Lush cult favourite. The smell is intoxicating and refreshing and since I have reviewed this scrub before all I will say is that this is must try!

10. Cake Lemon Cupcake Smoothing Body Scrub (515mL)Thumbs down

Acquired June 2012

I picked this up from Winners and it smells so yummy! Unfortunately, this isn’t the kind of scrub I like. The grit was far too fine and the consistency was too soft and gel-like for me to enjoy so I made it through this HUGE tub, but will not re-purchase this if I ever see it again.

11. Shu Uemura Lip Gloss (2.75mL)Thumbs down

Acquired 2008

I could not get that last little bit of lip gloss out from the bottle! I tried immersing it in hot water and turning it upside down, but alas that little bit was destined to stay in there! I wouldn’t repurchase this because I didn’t like the applicator as it didn’t pull out enough product. As for the colour, it was nice, but nothing special for me as I own a lot of shimmery pinks already that I like more.

12. Marcelle XTension Plus Mascara in Black (9mL)Thumbs up

Acquired May 2012

I received this in a past Glossybox and it is AWESOME! Curl, volume and lift what more can a girl ask for?! I have already repurchased this!

13. AG Hair Cosmetics Smooth Sulfate-Free Argan Shampoo (90mL)Thinking smile

Acquired May 2012

I listed this as a maybe because it was just alright, It did make my hair straight, but took out a lot of volume too…

14. Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray (75mL)Thumbs up

Acquired December 2011

I love this stuff! I love the classic Moroccanoil smell we have all come to love and the hold is fairly light which I enjoy since I like my hair to have a flexible hold. I use it on my bangs and on the ends of my hair when I curl my hair. I have already purchased the full size!

15. Fruits & Passion Moisturizing Body Gel (40mL)Thumbs up

Acquired April 2013

I have already done a review of this back in May so all I’ll say is that I love the scent and how refreshing it is so I’m sad that’s just for this summer! I have already purchased the full size of this.

16. Dermalogica Precleanse (15mL)Thumbs down

Acquired December 2012

I received this in the Winter Luxe Box and although I love cleansing oils, I wasn’t a fan of this one because of the “chemical” scent that I find to be a running theme in Dermalogica products.

17. skoah Shave Kream (30g)Thumbs up

Acquired May 2013

This was a May favourite of mine and even though it’s a bit pricier at $30 for 230g, for me, it’s worth the price tag as I find it to be very moisturizing.

18. Kellett Polishing Gel Cleanser (10mL)Thumbs down

Acquired August 2012

I received this in a past Topbox and I didn’t find it to be any better than what I’ve used in the past so for me this is a pass.

19. L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Cream (3mL)Thinking smile

Acquired 2012

I’ve said this before and I will say it again, this was a nice moisturizer, but not nice enough for me to change my routine. This is often given out as a sample in GWPs so it makes me think that maybe it’s not that “precious”.

20. Lush Sympathy for the Skin (10mL)Thumbs up

Acquired June 2013

I just received this sample last month and tried this cult favourite for the first time and loved it! I will definitely have to get the full size! It smells great and is moisturizing without being too heavy.

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