Beauty Box 5 | June 2013 Edition

Omigoodness, I am so behind! Granted, I still have yet to receive the July BB5 so maybe I’m not THAT tardy. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with product lately which is of course nothing to complain about, but it does mean that things get lost in that giant mound of cosmetics we beauty lovers have!

Coolway | Cool Cleanse Shampoo & Hydrate ConditionerDSC_0080

Thoughts: We’ve been seeing a lot of Coolway in recent BB5s and granted none of the products I’ve received have been shampoo and conditioner so at least this will be something new to try.

Full size: Shampoo/Conditioner-8.6oz/$25.00

I received: Shampoo/Conditioner-1oz/$2.91

Just Being Sexy | Body BronzerDSC_0081

Thoughts: I’m actually not a big fan of self tanners because I’m totally paranoid about coming out the wrong colour! I haven’t decided if I will use these yet…I almost just want to try these in the winter when I can hide behind pants if I overdo my legs. It doesn’t say where to use this bronzer, but to be safe I should probably stay away from my face!

Full size: 180mL/$49.00

I received: 16mL/$4.36

Aveeno | Protect & Hydrate Lotion SunscreenDSC_0082

Thoughts: I’ve actually wanted to try this as Aveeno tends to have sunscreens that don’t make your skin feel disgustingly sticky nor do they have that sunscreen coconut/banana boat scent that now makes me nauseous. After using this sample a few times, I can say that it’s definitely a sunscreen I will purchase in the full size. BB5 also included a $1 off coupon, but I’m not sure if I will be able to use it in Canada…anyone tried yet?

Full size: 3oz/$9.99

I received: 0.5oz/$1.67

Brazen Cosmetics | Eyeshadow in HeavenlyDSC_0083

Thoughts: This colour is so not for me…it’s a very pretty sparkly pink, but on me it just looks chalky. 

Full size: 5g/$7.99

I received: 3g/$4.79


Total Value of June 2013 BB5: $16.64

Not one of the higher BB5 values and I’m not even sure if I’ll be using half the products included…the August box is supposed to have nail polish in it so I will be looking forward to that! I guess June’s box was a bit of a miss for me, but BB5 always tends to wow me in some other way so I won’t hold this box against them!

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