Review | The Body Shop Nutriganics Skin Care Starter Kit

I have been trying something new in my skincare routine for the last 8 weeks and that has been The Body Shop Nutriganics skin care line which promises to smooth skin, reduce fine lines, and increase suppleness. I recently had the opportunity to try the Nutriganics Starter Kit which contains the: Refreshing Toner, Foaming Facial Wash, Smoothing Day Cream and Smoothing Night Cream for $35 CDN. If you are unsure of whether certain products will work for you or what to try, I found this starter kit to be quite helpful as these are all deluxe sample sizes and really give you a chance to see what these products can do for your skin. I have been using these for 8 weeks straight and I still have product left!




Smoothing Day and Night Cream

These two products were my favourite of the group because they absorbed so quickly into my skin, which I initially thought was a bad sign as it meant that I’d have dry skin in a few hours, but I was quite mistaken! Using these creams had my skin hydrated 24\7!

There is a very light “plant-like” fragrance that is actually quite pleasant and refreshing. Although the product description on the website says that these two creams “protect your skin against sun damage”, these DO NOT have SPF in them so wear sunscreen if you’re planning on being outside. There are quite a number of fancy organic ingredients contained in these creams, with babassu oil from Brazil (similar to coconut oil), antioxidants from organic red grapes from France and buddleja and thyme to help protect the skin. I can’t actually figure out what buddleja is doing, but doesn’t it sound nice to have it there?

All of these ingredients sound wonderful, but did they actually do anything for my skin? If you’re looking for a lightweight, yet hydrating moisturizer, these two products are wonderful! Thankfully, I am blessed with good skin, so I generally look for moisturizers with optimal levels of hydration. I have had compliments on my skin and how “happy” it has been looking over the last couple of weeks so I think using the day and night cream has been helping! There is also mallow extract in the night cream which will soften your skin and make it feel more supple.

Refreshing Toner

Most toners that I have used are pretty much like water or feel like I’m just rubbing glorified alcohol on my face. Instead, this toner has an almost gel-like consistency that still leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. This toner also contains babassu oil, mallow for suppleness and aloe vera to leave skin moisturized. This also has a very refreshing scent and is a product that I will have to purchase in the full size when I run out!

Foaming Facial Wash

I have been using this to wash off my makeup and it definitely does the job, but it’s not quite amazing enough for me to make the switch from my current makeup remover. It has the same refreshing scent and comes in a pump bottle which I always prefer.

Final Verdict: Out of all four of these products, you can probably guess that the moisturizers were my favourite! As a starter kit, I think that for the price and for the amount of product you receive, this is a wonderful introduction to the Nutriganics skin care line. I have already started using the smoothing serum in conjunction with the moisturizer and I am loving the hydration without having to wait for the moisturizer to absorb. We’ll see if I need something more for winter, but for warmer months this has been my go-to for moisturizing!


PR samples sent to me for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are of course my own!

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