Julep | July Bombshell Maven Box

I have been trying desperately to cut down on my Julep boxes and only get the ones with products that I “just can’t live without” and seeing the polish colours in July’s Bombshell Edition were must haves for me!


Julep Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil

Just spray on damp skin after showering and massage in with the hands! This dry oil is very lightweight and smells kind of like watermelons. In the summer, it’s just nice to be lazy, spray on some moisturizer and be done which is why I was excited to see this product in the July Maven box.

Julep Joanna

I don’t own very many lilacs, I think just one actually, and Joanna is a lilac with a shimmer to it which is why it caught my eye.

Julep Blakely

I found this colour to be absolutely fascinating because of its duochrome nature. It’s a shimmery purple and green that reminds me of a beetle.

Julep Tracy

This colour was my add-on and is a shimmery blue textured polish! It seems that if I have a textured polish, it’s gotta be shimmery and then I’m all over it!

Julep Green Tea Facial Blotting Papers

I was not expecting these! I love the little surprises that Julep puts in their boxes and blotting papers are something I use all the time at work so this will be put to good use!

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