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I have an exciting post for you today because it involves nail wraps that WORK for me! Don’t let my childlike application fool you! These are among the best nail polish appliques I have used and I have been around the block when it comes to nail strips! I have seen so many positive reviews for Incoco Nail Polish Appliques, but because of my bad luck with nail strips I am always hesitant to pay for something that might not work at all for me.

Incoco is based out of Clifton, New Jersey with development, production and packaging happening all in one place. You will see from their website that there are a TON of different designs for your nails AND toes! Incoco nail strips are made of real nail polish and are 3 in 1, meaning base, colour and top coat all in one strip. They are also 3-free and can withstand up to 14 days of wear!


I was recently given the opportunity to try Incoco nail strips and decided to go with a design from Incoco’s Summer Neons collection, hot pink with sexy black lace on top. Meeeoow!



Nail strips are airtight and sealed in a RESEALABLE container! Each package of Incoco nail strips also comes with silver tape for an airtight seal so your strips don’t dry out!



DAY 1DSC_0011


DAY 5DSC_0016



For those of you who follow me on Instagram, I had made a comment when I first applied these strips that I have a tendency to over file the excess strips off my nails so I absolutely need to give these one more try to make them look perfect like I know they can be! I HAVE to change my polish 2-3x a week so having these strips on my nails for 5 whole days took a some willpower!

Application was very easy with each nail strip having quite a bit of stretch to it. Even if I didn’t place it quite right the first time, it was easy to peel the strip off and try again. I probably wouldn’t handle the strips too much though as the adhesive may not be quite as effective. The last nail strips I tried were from NCLA which were awesome, but what is nice about these Incoco ones is that I didn’t need to apply a coat of clear nail polish first to increase the adhesiveness of the strips. The Incoco ones held on for 5 days just fine and I have no doubt in my mind that 14 days of wear is very much a reality! The other thing that had me very impressed was the amount of shine the Incoco strips had! The shine lasted all week without me having to top my nails off with top coat which was awesome! So, in summary, if you haven’t tried Incoco nail strips already, please do so! Shipping is free on the Incoco website for all purchases $50 or more and includes Canadian addresses! I just ordered 8 more designs because I was so impressed with how they wore and how easy they were to work with! I am officially coocoo for Incoco!


PR samples sent to me for review purposes. All thoughts, fingers and opinions are of course my own!

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