Cosmetic Love | Sinnage Edition #2

I cannot believe that it has been more than a year ago since I ordered from Cosmetic Love, but I have been on a Korean cosmetics kick since the beginning of the summer and there are still more posts to come on the things I have been ordering! I’ve been such a bad bad girl, but I kid you not I have had a shopping cart going since my LAST Cosmetic Love order and I’m actually surprised at how “reasonable” the results of my haul were! I love Asian packaging and it definitely gives me a reason to buy other than actual product quality! I mean, just look at it!


1. Tonymoly Latte Art Milk-Cacao Pore Pack

This is essentially a mask that has been attractively packaged in a coffee mug and is even swirled to look like milk and cacao. The purpose of the mask is to tighten pores while moisturizing skin with marshmallow extract. There is also peppermint and white willow extract to remove dead skin cells making skin smooth and firm. Even without all of that, I was sold on this mask being in a coffee mug.

2. Etude House It’s Real Pack in Broccoli

I actually didn’t order this…I ordered a sheet mask in broccoli because I love eating it, so why not put it on my face? Instead, I received a broccoli mask from the same line, but in a wash-off mask which is totally fine by me. I can see where there may have been some confusion! There is a brush inside that I am supposed to “baste” my face with and then apply gauze over top in order to glean maximum antioxidant results. Cannot wait!


3. Etude House I Need You Yogurt Wash Off Pack

Again, I just could not resist the packaging and the relation to FOOD! The yogurt version consists of apple, raspberry, kiwi and apricot extracts and with the yogurt serving to soften, nourish and replenish skin.

4. Etude House I Need You Honey Wash Off Pack

The honey version consists of ginseng, red ginseng, cactus and angelica extracts that also are said to soften, nourish and replenish skin. My skin is going to be awesome after all of this!


5. Etude House Wonderpore Corrector

After seeing this product so much on the beauty blogosphere, it has now emblazoned itself into my brain and I now must try it for myself. It seems to mainly be a primer for makeup and also smoothes out pores. It seems to be the Korean “Porefessional”.

6. Etude house CC Cream in #2 Glow SPF 30

This is my first Asian CC Cream so I will see how different/same it is to the North American version. It looks super pretty…there were two finishes, one in silky and one in glow and I think I’d prefer to glow.


And of course, samples!!! I always find Korean cosmetic companies to be VERY generous with samples even though I WAS supposed to get only 4 samples with my order according to the Cosmetic Love chart, I received some extras which I really appreciated and squealed over!

Anyway, I’ll be busy reviewing these new goodies and sharing my findings with you all! Let me know if any of you have tried any of the things I’ve purchased!

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