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The other day I wrote a review for The Body Shop Nutriganics Skin Care Starter Kit which I loved. I have also been using another product in conjunction with the starter kit and it is a facial serum called Drops of Youth. I’m sure this product has caught the attention of many of you with its green bottle and apparent Fountain of Youth magical properties as it has been created for the first skin with the first signs of aging. It promises to enhance the surface of the skin leaving it smoother, fresher and healthier-looking with the help of criste marine plant stem cells, which are found in sea algae on cliff tops on the coastlines of France. These plant stem cells keep these sea algae alive in a constant regenerative state as conditions along the coast are very extreme.



Price: $36.00 CDN, but The Body Shop has so many promos going on all the time that I’m sure you will be able to get this for less!

Packaging: Green glass bottle with glass eye dropper. Serum is administered by pressing the white button on cap.

Formula: Criste marine plant stem cells are said to improve skin elasticity and radiance, promote healing and dermal metabolism, preserve the skin’s structural integrity, reducing freckles and initiating skin protection functions (anti-aging) (Ping of Health, 2013). The instructions say to use this facial serum before regular serum and moisturizer, but I have been using it as my main serum instead. All you need is 2-3 drops which for me was more than enough to cover my entire face and neck. The serum feels a little bit slimy when you first drop it onto your fingers, but the consistency actually helps in spreading the serum around your face. It absorbs extremely quickly as its dry within 20 seconds, which is when you know your face is ready for moisturizer. All in all, a very pleasant, no fuss formula to work with!

Final Verdict: So, the more important question, did this product restore my skin’s youth and vitality? I have been using this in conjunction with the Nutriganics skin care line for almost 8 weeks and mentioned in my review that I have been receiving compliments on the condition of my skin and how bright it has been looking so it’s definitely something in the Nutriganics line that is working for me! I’ve been able to get away with just wearing a sheer BB cream for my 8 hour work days so something in my skin has definitely changed even if it is a subtle one. Everyone’s skin is different, so even when reading reviews of Drops of Youth from other bloggers, I knew that it was something that I had to experience for myself. I am going to finish the bottle I have and pick one up during the next Body Shop event to see how my skin responds as the weather gets more dry, but for the summer, I have really been loving how lightweight and quick-absorbing this serum has been.


Are you guys curious to try this product out for yourselves? If you are, you’re in luck because I have an extra bottle to give away!! This giveaway is open internationally!

PR sample sent to me for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are of course my own!

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