Review | W2Beauty & Skinfood Egg White Pore Mask

Hang on to your horses, but I have just recently discovered another Korean cosmetic site with free worldwide shipping, amazing selection and top notch customer service! If you haven’t “met” Alice from W2Beauty, she is the best! You’ll see her name all over the website and social media accounts and she’s always got some kind of promotion going on! I can never keep up!

Being the mask fiend that I am, I was delighted to be a guinea pig for Skinfood’s Egg White Pore Mask which is a pore-refining cleanser with egg white extract that penetrates deeply into pores to remove pore-clogging oil. It sounds kind of gross, but it is actually quite pleasant to use. It is not vegan friendly because of the albumin in it, but I’m sure there are MANY other mask options that are!




Price: $16.01 CDN on W2Beauty

Packaging: Screw top plastic jar.

Scent: Kind of floral.

Formula: Very smooth and soft in consistency and almost whipped in consistency. This mask was very easy to apply and spread across my skin very easily. Bits of mask didn’t fall off and there was no pulling on my face like some “chunkier” masks end up doing. Eventually your whole face looks white and scary! Eventually this mask does dry into a clay-like consistency and your face will become immobile.

Final Verdict: I don’t have very visible pores so this type of mask is not the best for me, but I have read some very promising reviews from other beauty blogs so if I did have larger pores, I probably would have given it a go on my own. All I can say is that this mask smelled pleasant, was creamy and easy to apply and even if my pores weren’t all that affected, my skin did feel fresh after using it. I will definitely be ordering more Korean beauty products from W2Beauty because who can say no to free shipping, points for shopping and most of all great customer service!


PR samples sent to me for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are of course my own!

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