Swatch It Up | KKCenterHk Ebalay Pink and White Glitter

Today I have my first actual nail polish review for you from KKCenterHk in a glitter colour called Ebalay Sweet Pink Shiny Glitter (this was the only name I could find!). Whenever I have a clear-based glitter, I always feel like I need to choose a unique colour as my base, but after many experimental swatches it turns out that a basic black always seems to be the best! In these swatches, I am wearing two coats of Essence-Black is Back with two coats of Sweet Pink Shiny Glitter which is composed of matte white and light pink hex glitter, matte white bar glitter and my favourite part, sparkly blue/purple glitter that makes the whole manicure twinkle! There was no glitter-fishing required making this polish very easy to apply. I chose this polish because it had that “indie polish” feel and was actually quite fun to wear!




Unfortunately this polish is currently sold out, but hopefully it comes back in stock soon!

Thank you for reading and I hope you guys enjoyed the review! KKCenterHk was also kind enough to give my readers 10% off their purchase with the code: cosmeticproof. Happy shopping everyone!

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PR sample sent to me for review. All opinions and fingernails are my own!

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