Topbox | September Chatelaine Edition

September’s Topbox was very…long and came wrapped in pretty special edition paper because this month Topbox partnered up with Chatelaine magazine to bring us some of this season’s latest beauty product favourites!



So, this is the reason the Chatelaine box was so long! There is of course a magazine inside! I used to think that Chatelaine was an “old woman’s” magazine, but after going through it there is some great content! OR, I’m just old now…I even took advantage of the Chatelaine/Topbox offer and signed up for a year of Chatelaine because I wanted the extra Topbox plus the recipes!

Cover FX | Anti-Aging PrimerDSC_0151

A double duty nourishing foundation primer and anti-aging serum that preps the skin prior to foundation application.

Thoughts: Serum and primer in one? That’s pretty cool since I use serum every morning so merging two steps into one would save me a bit of time. I can’t help but feel that I have something similar already though…

Full size: 30mL/$38.00

I received: 5mL/$6.33

Kerastase | Elixir UltimeDSC_0152

Beautifying oil for all hair types. A treasure that offers smoothness, nutrition and a splendid radiance.

Thoughts: Beauty oils seem to be all the rage right now whether it’d be for the hair, face or body, but I do use argan oil on my hair to keep it smooth so a luxury smoothing oil such as this one would be a nice way to splurge although I can’t really see myself spending the money on a full size bottle.

Full size: 125mL/$54

I received: 3mL/$1.30

Pelle Beauty | Stellar Multitasking Facial Oil ConcentrateDSC_0153

A remarkable lightweight facial oil with many different uses. Coveted by makeup artists everywhere!

Thoughts: As I mentioned above, oils are VERY in right now and although I have never heard of this brand I am attracted to the ingredients (black current seed oil, meadowfoam seed oil, grape seed oil for starters) and the suggested uses like as a moisturizer, makeup remover, makeup primer and as a protector for skin under facial masks (I didn’t know your skin needed protecting?)

Full size: 15mL/$28.95, 30mL/$42.95, 60mL/$64.95

I received: 7mL/$13.51 (using highest value)

Essie | Encrusted Treasures Collection in Belugaria DSC_0154

Caviar nails made easy. Achieve a full coverage sculptural and glittering effect with only one product!

Thoughts: Finally a polish I don’t have! That’s because this polish is not out in stores yet and is part of the Holiday 2013 collection! The glitter doesn’t look easy to distribute since it’s quite sporadic in placement throughout the bottle, but the most interesting thing about this polish that you can’t tell from from the bottle is that there are tiny little beads in the polish that give you a “caviar” nail.

Full size: $8.99-$9.99

I received: *FULL SIZE*

*Bonus* Katy Perry | Killer QueenDSC_0155

A new charmingly playful yet lethally gorgeous Florential fragrance by Katy Perry.

Thoughts: I keep watching Katy Perry’s “Roar” because I cannot get enough of it! This scent is stronger than what I normally wear, but it’s not unpleasant. It’s fruity with a bit of a musk to it as well.


Total Value of Chatelaine Topbox: $31.13 (at the most)

I really enjoyed the Chatelaine Topbox! I LOVED getting a polish that hasn’t been released yet and the magazine too ;) And now I need to repurpose this beauty of a Topbox!

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